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Council Sets Rates for Mock Water Bills

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Consumption-based water billing will start in 2014. In preparation, Council has reviewed analysis on the cost of water service and water rate scenarios, and has set the following rates for mock water billing:

  • Residential: fixed quarterly charge of $31, plus a consumption fee at a rate of $0.42/m3
  • Multi-Family (3 or more units): fixed quarterly charge of $27 per unit, plus a consumption fee at a rate of of $0.44/m3
  • Commercial: fixed quarterly charge based on meter size, plus a consumption fee at a rate of $0.68/m3

These preliminary rates will be used for for the consumption periods April to June 2013 and July to September 2013. Property owners should expect to receive mock bills in August and October. Mock billing will give you a chance to see how your water rates may change before rates are imposed for 2014.

It is expected that Council will review the rates used for mock billing in the fall before it determines the rates to be used for the October to December 2013 mock billing period and the final rate structure for 2014 consumption.

Find out more about the water meter program and consumption-based water rates.

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