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Advisory Planning Commission

This page was last reviewed on December 12, 2017.

2018 Meetings

Meetings are typically held the first Tuesday of the month at 11 am in the Council Chambers at 2675 Dunsmuir Avenue.

View APC agendas and minutes.

January 16
February 6
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Terms of Reference

Cumberland Council adopted an Advisory Planning Commission (APC) bylaw in the summer of 2014.

Under the Advisory Planning Commission Bylaw, the five to seven member Commission functions to advise Council on all matters referred to it by Council. These referrals from council consist of matters respecting land use, community planning or proposed bylaw or permits contained in Part 26 of the Local Government Act:

Divisions 2 (Official Community Plans);
Divisions 7 (Zoning and Other Development Regulation);
Divisions 9 (Permits and Fees); and
Divisions 11 (Subdivision and Development Requirements).

In addition to the above, Council may also refer related matters to the above, including architectural, urban and landscape design matters.

In accordance with the APC bylaw, meetings of the Commission shall be called within one month of any application referred to the Commission by Council. It is anticipated that there will be approximately one meeting of the APC per month.

Establishment of the Advisory Planning Commission was a key component for community involvement in planning and development as set out in the Official Community Bylaw, No. 990, 2014.


Members of the Commission are:

  • Vickey Brown
  • Meaghan Cursons
  • Amanda Howe
  • Evan Loveless
  • Jason Ross
  • Eric Krejci
  • Jaye Mathieu
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