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Dogs and Animal Control

This page was last reviewed on February 1, 2024.

Dogs in the Village

Cumberland is a dog-friendly community.

  • Please keep your dog on a leash in public places, including parks and trails, in order to reduce the chances of dog conflicts
  • Except for in the fenced off-leash dog park, dogs are not permitted in Village Park to keep the park clean and safe for everyone,
  • Please pick up after your dog, even in the Community Forest
  • Licences are required for dogs over 3 months of age

Having your dog off leash in public places or in Village Park can lead to a fine of $50 to $250.

Barking Dogs

A person may not permit a dog to continuously cry or bark which disturbs the quiet, rest, enjoyment, comfort or convenience of a neighbourhood or a person in the vicinity or place where the dog is being housed or maintained.

If there is a dog in your neighbourhood that barks frequently and persistently and disturbs the neighbourhood, you may

  • Approach your neighbour and tactfully discuss the problem with them as they may not realize that their dog barks when they are not home or that it disturbs their neighbours.
  • Contact the Cumberland Animal Control Officer and provide your name, address and phone number and the address of the residents of the dog. The Animal Control Officer may contact the owner of the dog and confirm that the information provided is correct and inform the dog’s owner of the regulations and offer assistance to resolve the problem.

Dog Impoundment

The Animal Control Officer may impound a dangerous dog, a dog at large, and an unlicensed dog.

At large means being elsewhere than on the lands or premises owned or occupied by the dog owner and not on a leash, on unfenced land and not securely tethered, or not under the physical control of its owner or owner’s agent.

Dog Impound Fees and Fines

  • First Impoundment: $40
  • Second Impoundment: $80
  • Third and subsequent: $160
  • An additional $100 is added to impoundment fees for unlicensed dogs
  • Dog at Large: $50-150
  • Dog in Cemetery or Village Park: $250
  • Impoundment of biting, aggressive or dangerous dog: $500-1000

Aggressive Dogs

Generally, an aggressive dog is one with a known propensity, tendency or disposition to aggressively pursue or attack other animals or people without provocation, or otherwise threaten the safety of people or other domestic animals. The owner of an aggressive dog must take all necessary steps to ensure that the animal does not bite, chase or attack any person or animal.

A biting dog is a dog that has bitten a person or animal without provocation. It must be kept muzzled when it is off the owner’s property.

A dangerous dog is one which has killed or seriously injured a person or domestic animal or which the Animal Control Officer believes is likely to kill or injure a person or domestic animal. Dangerous dogs may not be kept within the boundaries of the Village of Cumberland without permission from the Village.

For more information about the requirements to keep a biting, aggressive or dangerous dog, or for more information about Animal Control, contact the Village Animal Control Officer at 250-336-2291 or see the Animal Control Bylaw, No. 1061, 2017.

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