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Council Considering Changes to Sewer, Water and Solid Waste Rates Bylaws

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Council will consider adoption of bylaws to amend the sewer, water and solid waste collection rates bylaws at its meeting on December 9, 2013.

The bylaws would increase rates as follows:

  • Residential Sewer: $4 per year for 2014
  • Residential Water: $15 per year for 2014
  • Commercial Water and Sewer: 1% increase for 2014
  • Garbage: no increase for 2014

The increase for water services is due to capital upgrades to the water system including seismic reconstruction of Steven’s Lake dam, seismic reconstruction of No. 2 dam, and upgrades to the water treatment system. Find out more about Cumberland’s water system and these upgrades. Inflation is also a factor in the rate increases.

The bylaws would also institute a switch from annual billing to quarterly billing. Rather than receiving one invoice for the year each spring, property owners would receive quarterly invoices in January, April, July, and October.

Council has also directed staff to set up an option for payment of utility accounts and property taxes through financial institutions for 2014.

View the Council meeting agendas of November 12 and November 25, 2013 to view the staff reports on these bylaws. View the 2013 water, sewer and solid waste collection rates.

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