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Coal Creek Historic Park Advisory Committee

This page was last reviewed on January 6, 2016.

The Coal Creek Advisory Committee typically meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month from 10 am to 12 pm in the Village of Cumberland Council Chambers.


Florence Bell
May Gee
Imogene Lim
Marie Lowe
Josephine Peyton
Carol Snaden
Lillian Tosoff

History and Mandate of the Committee

In 2003 a study was commissioned by the Village to develop a plan that respected the covenant on the Perseverance Creek Historic Park site. George Penfold of Qu-West Consulting Services presented his report Cumberland Chinatown, Japanese Settlement Historic Park Plan (Penfold Report) in August of 2004. The plan included goals and objectives, an economic study of benefits to the community and a work plan. He expressed disappointment at the lack of sufficient input from the Chinese and Japanese communities. A small group of Chinese and Japanese descendants of Cumberland’s Chinatown and Number 1 Mine Japanese Town responded to a request from the Village of Cumberland to assist in visioning a plan for the former town site. A meeting was held and this group evolved into the Chinatown/No.1 Japanese Town Ad-Hoc Group. On April 3, 2006 this group presented a report expanding on the Penfold report titled Park Projection Study Perseverance Creek Historic Park, Village of Cumberland, this “Red Book” report contained a number of recommendations. The report was accepted in principle September 24, 2007.

The 15 members of the Perseverance (Coal) Creek Historic Park Advisory Committee were appointed by the Council of the Village of Cumberland and started meeting regularly January 23, 2008, guided by terms of reference from the Village.

On April 8, 2008 Cumberland Council granted a request by the Committee that the name of the park and the committee be changed to Coal Creek, the name commonly used when the communities were active.

A Coal Creek Historic Park Master Plan was completed in 2014. In November 2015, the terms of reference for the committee were updated.

Terms of Reference

Purpose of the Committee

The Committee shall provide advice to the Village of Cumberland Council through the Parks and Outdoor Recreation Coordinator, Senior Planner and/or Manager of Recreation (“Village staff”) by reviewing and commenting on:

  1. the implementation of the approved park Master Plan;
  2. specific issues referred by Council, Village staff and Committee members;
  3. public issues and concerns; and
  4. adjacency issues that have the potential to impact the park.


  1. The Committee will be made up of no more than ten members.
  2. Membership of the Committee shall include:
    1. At least one member reflecting the former resident communities in the park; and
    2. Additional members reflecting a broad range of relevant park interests, expertise and knowledge. Desirable skills and knowledge include: park heritage (including Chinese and Japanese-Canadian history); park interpretation; outdoor recreation; resource conservation and management; and municipal park systems.
  3. In conjunction with the Chair of the Committee, the Village will solicit volunteers to serve on the Committee by advertising through public notices, word of mouth and direct contact with clubs, groups and other park stakeholder organizations.
  4. Members will make best efforts to attend all meetings. If a member misses three meetings in a row, their membership shall be reviewed by the Chairperson and Village staff. Only Village Council can rescind membership.

Meeting Requirements

  1. The Committee shall meet at least six times per year, typically in January, March, May, June, September and November.
  2. Additional Committee meetings may be called to review specific and/or time sensitive issues.
  3. Committee meetings will be open to the public and shall be advertised to the community.

Procedures and Administration

  1. Committee members shall be appointed from time to time by Council, as required.
  2. The Committee shall appoint a Chairperson.
  3. The Chair will prepare agendas, with the support of Village staff who will provide relevant background information on issues referred to the Committee for consideration.
  4. The Chair should ensure that, prior to any issue being presented to the Committee, the public is first referred to Village staff to provide them with the opportunity to address it directly.
  5. The Committee shall appoint a Secretary, with the primary responsibility of recording, tracking, and filing minutes of meetings.
  6. The Committee shall strive to work on a consensus basis on issues requiring action or recommendations. 50% + 1 of all Committee members will be considered quorum.
  7. Concerns, advice, or recommendations shall be in the form of approved-motions submitted to Village staff.
  8. The Committee is subject to the open meeting, conflict of interest, and procedural rules and other applicable rules under the Community Charter and the Council Procedure Bylaw.


  1. Committee meeting agendas and minutes shall be filed by the Chairperson in a pre-determined location in the Village municipal office and shall be available for public viewing.
  2. Minutes will be submitted to the Corporate Officer and placed on a Council meeting agenda to be received for information
  3. Where necessary, Village staff shall forward advice, recommendations or concerns of the Committee, in the form of written motions, to Village Council.
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