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Cumberland Community Forest

This page was last reviewed on November 25, 2015.

The Cumberland Community Forest is Cumberland community park made up of 60 hectares of forest land located southwest of the village centre. The historic No. 2 Mine and No. 3 Mine (Union Colliery Mine) sites are located in the Community Forest. The park borders Coal Creek Historic Park to the west.

The park is the gateway to the legendary trail system, popular with riders, walkers, and runners. Since 2013, the Village and the United Riders of Cumberland have been working with private land owners to develop recreational trail land use agreements.

This land was donated to the Village of Cumberland by the Cumberland Community Forest Society in 2005. A covenant on the title of the park protects the parks and limits activities within the park. Several unusual or threatened plant communities exist within the park boundaries, as well as endangered species such as red-legged frogs and wild coho salmon.

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