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Comox Valley Transit Strike is Over

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The nearly two-month-long transit strike affecting riders in the Comox Valley and Campbell River areas is officially over. Bus routes are back in service starting Monday, February 12th. Regular handyDART service began February 7th.

Cumberland Mayor Vickey Brown said the strike put a lot of pressure on the community.

“Recognizing our ongoing efforts to promote transit as an affordable option for our residents, the recent strike has been an unexpected challenge,” she said. “I empathize with the frustration our residents experienced navigating daily life without reliable transportation to work and school. I am grateful for the strike’s positive resolution and am eager to strengthen our commitment to an affordable, dependable transit system that meets the needs of our community.”

To read more about the strikes resolution, please click here.

Bus passes are for sale at the Village Office, including the new UMO card. A monthly UMO card activates the day you first use it and is good for one month from then. Perfect for when the buses resume service halfway though a month. Semester passes are being sold at a reduced rate as well. To read more about the UMO card, click here.

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