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Council Approves 2020-2024 Financial Plan

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Council approved the Village’s five year financial plan bylaw at its meeting on January 13, 2020. You can view the detailed five year budget on the Financial Plan page. Council is expected to consider tax rate bylaw for 2020 in April.

Projects planned for 2020 include:

Road & Underground Utility Projects
  • Derwent Avenue, Fifth to Sixth Street – road reconstruction and storm sewer
  • First Street, Maryport to Ulverston – water and storm sewer
  • Lane south of Dunsmuir, Fifth to Sixth – sanitary sewer
  • Maryport Avenue, Third to Fourth – road and storm sewer
  • Sixth Street, Derwent to Allen – sanitary and storm sewer
  • new sidewalk on Windermere, First to Second
  • microsurfacing of Comox Lake Road, and portion of Union Road
  • ditch regrade in alley at Mill Street/Cumberland Road
Other Projects:
  • fire hall construction at 4382 Cumberland Road
  • boat launch improvements at Lake Park
  • parking lot upgrades at Coal Creek Historic Park
  • update roads master plan
  • municipal facilities maintenance review
  • replace interior doors at Cumberland Recreation (grant)
Design in 2020 for 2021 construction:
  • Wastewater lagoon treatment upgrades – hire project team and engineer, define project scope and specifications, geo-technical site investigation, design and pre-construction work, conclude reed bed trail. Find out more.
  • Ambleside Avenue, First to Second – road, water, storm and sanitary sewer
  • Egremont Road, Dunsmuir to Penrith – sanitary sewer
  • Maryport Avenue, Egremont to Silecroft – water, storm sewer and road work

Find out more about Financial Services.

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