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Council asks for Revisions to the Proposed Carlisle Lane Development Bylaws

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At its meeting on March 25, 2013, Council requested that staff revise the proposed bylaws to amend the official community plan designation and zoning designation of the Carlisle Lane development to allow for “laneway houses”. The proposed development is located between Tenth Street, Ulverston Avenue and Dunsmuir Avenue.

The proposed bylaws had allowed for “carriage houses” which are detached suites located on the second storey of an accessory building. Council members expressed concern that carriage houses may offer limited accessibility and requested staff to revise the proposed bylaws to give the applicant the option of constructing detached suites either on the main floor or above a garage.

It is expected that the proposed bylaws will come forward at a Council meeting in April for first and second reading. Council may schedule a public information meeting and a public hearing at that time.

Council meeting agendas are posted online on the Friday before the Monday meeting.

You can view the proposed bylaws as presented at the March 25, 2013 meeting here.

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