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Council to Consider Changes to Second Draft OCP

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After its meeting on November 27, 2013, Cumberland Council, sitting as the Committee of the Whole, recommended a number of minor revisions to the second draft official community plan.

The most significant change would be the designation of a portion of Ulverston Avenue between Egremont Road and First Street from a road to “Institutional” on the “Future Land Use” Map A. This would accommodate the future closure of this portion of Ulverston Avenue as requested by School District 71.

The road closure is subject to public notice and an opportunity for those who believe they are affected by the proposed closure to make submissions to Council. This road closure process has not yet begun and is expected to take place in the new year.

Other recommended changes to the OCP that will be considered for ratification at the December 9th Council meeting include:

  • s. 1.1: replace “south” with “southwest”
  • s. 1.6: add “Carlisle Lane”
  • define the term “Village centre”
  • s. 2.2.1 add “in other municipalities”
  • s. 3.0: replace “our” and “we” with “their”, “the”, “it”, etc.
  • s. 3.0: replace “families” with “people”
  • s. 3.0 replace “a bias towards” with “the objective of”
  • s. 3.4 and Map 3 add “and Strathcona Provincial Park”
  • s. 4, Goal 2, rewrite the second sentence to indicate that “complete communities” refers to the Village as a whole
  • 5.1.5 (6): replace “are expected to” with “shall”
  • 5.4.1 p1: correct overview as per LCAG comments
  • p2: add “and rock pits” after “underground drainage systems”
  • 5.5.5: include 5.5.6(1) in 5.5.5
  • 5.5.5: add “Use integrated stormwater management practices where appropriate”
  • 6.3.3(5): replace “small livestock” with “animals”
  • remove “in partnership with a third party”
  • 7.4.4(3): add “through rezoning” after “subdivision”
  • 8.1.3(3): remove “resort”
  • 8.1.3(11) and (12): replace “shall” with “should”
  • 8.2.3(5): replace “teenagers” with “adults”
  • 8.2.3(1) and 8.2.5(1): remove “work with partners”
  • 8.2.10(2): replace “friendly” with “safe”
  • 10.1.4(1)(k): replace “foundation” with “footprint”
  • 10.7.5(4)(j): replace “600 millimetres” with “1.2 metres”
  • 10.9.5(1)(c): replace “consider” with “protect” in reference to view corridors throughout the document
  • 10.11.1: remove the word “achieve” and clause ‘achieve convenience”
  • 10.11.5(4)(i): add “or green roof design” after ‘elements”
  • 10.11.5(4)(m): add “through landscaping or sound attenuating fences” after “noise”
  • 11.2.2(1)(c): remove the example

View the second draft OCP to see how these changes would affect the bylaw. You can view the December 9, 2013 Council meeting agenda when it is published on December 6th.

The Council is expected to consider first and second reading of the bylaw in January 2014. You can make comments and submissions to Council any time up to the close of the public hearing on the bylaw which is expected to take place in March 2014.

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