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Mayor and Council Members

This page was last reviewed on December 22, 2023.

Left to right: Councillors Sullivan, Ketler, Therrien, Mayor Brown, and Councillor Borecky

How to Reach Your Elected Council

Correspondence to Council can be addressed to “Mayor and Council” and submitted in the following ways:

  • by email to
  • by mail to PO Box 340, Cumberland BC V0R 1S0, or
  • by hand to 2673 Dunsmuir Avenue

Council members receive incoming correspondence addressed to Council in a correspondence package that is distributed on Friday of each week.

Note: Correspondence related to land use applications will be provided to Council at the time the application is presented to Council at a public meeting. Names and contact information of the writer will be obscured from the correspondence. Please avoid including confidential personal information in your correspondence.

  • Correspondence relating to land use applications for which a public hearing has been held will generally not be distributed to Council.
  • Correspondence relating to land use applications in the Comox Valley Regional District electoral areas will be forwarded to the CVRD and will not be distributed directly to Council.

Correspondence to Council and Your Privacy

Correspondence sent to Council is generally shared to all members of Council in a weekly correspondence package. Please do not include any confidential personal information in your correspondence that you do not want shared with members of Council. Emails are not confidential.

Correspondence may also be added to a public Council meeting agenda. For correspondence from an individual (and not an organization or business), staff will contact the writer to obtain permission before doing so.

Other Ways to Connect with Council

There are other ways to participate and to provide input to Council and to Council members:

  • Appear as a delegation at a Council meeting
  • Attend a Village Hall meeting where Council discusses particular topics with citizens
  • Attend a Council meeting on the second and fourth Monday of the month at 5:30 p.m. and take part in Question Period at the end of each meeting
  • Call or email an individual member of Council. Click on a council member’s name to find contact information. Correspondence and email addressed to individual Council members is shared to all members of Council in the weekly correspondence package.

Find out more about individual members of Council:

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