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This page was last reviewed on May 27, 2021.

As of November 20, 2020, in compliance with provincial health orders, the wearing of face masks is required in all public indoor facilities.

The Village of Cumberland is following the recommendations and directives of all relevant authorities in order to protect our clients, staff and community. We’ve reduced occupancy levels, installed physical barriers and taken other steps to ensure that we can offer Cumberland residents a return to recreation without sacrificing the health of our community.


Can I use my membership/10-pass?

We no longer off 10-passes. Anyone who had “punches” left on a pass at the end of 2020 was awarded commensurate credit to their account. When you register online for an activity for which a membership is valid, you will be allowed to book a spot for no additional fee (it will be listed online as “free” if your membership qualifies).

I miss the convenience of being able to use my old 10-pass and would rather not have to make a credit card payment every time I book a session. What should I do?

Although we are no longer offering 10-passes, anyone can add credit to their account at any time. Simply call the recreation centre at 250.7336.2231 and ask to add credit to your account. We will take payment at that time, and then yourcredit can be used at any time for any program, including when booking online.

I used to be able to stay for several hours with just one admission fee. Why am I now being charged two (or more) admission fees if I want to stay longer?

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us and other communities to reduce the capacity of our facilities and many of our programs. In order to safely run programs while accommodating the greatest number of participants, we have had to limit the duration of our time slots. Please note that, if you are a member, you are welcome to book as many sessions as you like for no additional cost, including back-to-back sessions if you like.

How do I register for Hand-in-Hand Early Years Education programs?

Registration for all Hand-in-Hand programs is now being done directly with Hand-in-Hand Early Years Education. Please visit for details.

When are you offering open climbing?

Unfortunately, due to the added constraints that COVID-19 has placed on our facilities and resources, we are not currently able to offer open climbing sessions. We expect open climbing to return in Fall 2021.

Will you be offering Parent & Tot Gym / Nerf Battles / Floor Hockey / Basketball this fall/winter?

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we are unable to offer these programs at this time. Although we have no specific timeline for restarting them, we look forward to once again being able to offer these popular programs in Fall 2021, providing we can do so safely.

Can I book the gymnasium for a birthday or other private event?

Unfortunately, no. The only private facility bookings we are currently accepting are those requested by organizations that are affiliated with a provincial sport organization and have their own ViaSport Phase 3 Return to Sport Plan, insurance and approved COVID-19 safety plan. These bookings and associated activities must comply with all applicable public health orders.

If I’m sick and can’t attend my program, will I receive a refund?

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our community and encourage would-be participants to stay home if they are experiencing any potential symptoms of COVID-19, we will waive any withdrawal fees and issue a full refund if you need to withdraw from a program due to illness.

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