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Cumberland Cemetery

This page was last reviewed on May 29, 2017.

Cumberland CemeteryBlock 2 looking south

The Cumberland Cemetery on Minto Road has been in continuous use since the mid 1890s. To help guide use and service of the cemetery over the next thirty years, a Cumberland Cemeteries Master Plan was completed in 2014.

The Village plans to begin implementing the master plan in 2015 and 2016, including the following projects:

  • design of a central mixed interment area
  • a new green burial area
  • realignment of entryway
  • painting and refurbishing of entry gates
  • installation of water system and irrigation system
  • landscaping and trees
  • topdressing of roadways
  • installation of block identification markers

Cemetery Hours

The cemetery is open dawn to dusk.

The vehicle gate is open 8:30am to dusk, daily.

Interment Options

Current burial options at this cemetery include full burials, burial of cremated remains, and a columbarium niche wall for cremated remains.

Interment costs (interment rights and permit) are set according to burial type.

FULL BURIAL * Interment Right Interment Permit (Open & Close)
Resident $1,062.50 $850
Non Resident $1,375.00 $850
Infant/Child Burial $850 $400
CREMATED REMAINS* Interment Right Interment Permit (Open/Close)
Resident $375 $180
Non Resident $500 $500
NICHE SPACE* Interment Right Interment Permit (Open/Close)
Resident $660 $100
Non Resident $770 $100

These fees include a contribution to the perpetual care fund. GST and memorial permits are not included in the above fees.

To learn more and to discuss options, please contact the Village Office at 250-336-2291 to make an appointment to discuss your needs. Please see the Cemetery Management Bylaw for more information.

Annual Spring Clean Up

Each April, Village staff tidies up and removes items that detract from the appearance of the cemetery.

If you have any personal items, mementos or artificial flowers on your loved one’s gravesite that need to be refreshed, please consider taking them home in March to be sure they aren’t removed by staff.


Red oaks, beeches, Zelkovas and a Big Leaf Maple planted in the cemetery in December 2015


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