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Cumberland Cemetery

This page was last reviewed on January 12, 2024.

Cumberland Cemetery

Cumberland cemetery is a unique place. It is a historic cemetery, established in 1895, and the resting place of generations of Cumberlanders. The landscape is rolling and dry, the ground covered with moss and kinnikinnick.

The cemetery features:

  • traditional family ground lots accommodating one full burial and four cremated remains in contemporary sections of the cemetery as well as in historic sections of the cemetery
  • a natural burial area with lots accommodating a full burial and a cremation burial; and small lots along the tree line accommodating two cremation burials
  • a columbaria niche wall
  • single cremation lots
  • child lots
  • an upright headstone or block marker may be placed on most lots in the cemetery

Planning for future works include

  • central interment area with seating and gathering area, scattering garden, and columbaria niche walls
  • double cremation lots
  • new ground lots in historic sections of the cemetery

Cemetery Maps

Map of Cumberland Cemetery

Map of the Historic Protestant Section

Map of the Historic Catholic Section

Natural Burial Area

A natural burial area was new in 2018 and has some special features. Burial options include graves for one full burial and a second burial of cremated remains, and smaller graves near the tree lines for two sets of cremated remains. Full burial can take place in casket or shroud made of biodegradable and environmentally sustainable materials. Cremation burials may be placed without a container or in a biodegradable container.

The Village follows the five principles of natural burial established by the Green Burial Society of Canada:

  1. No embalming
  2. Direct earth burial
  3. Ecological restoration and conservation
  4. Communal memorialization
  5. Optimized land use

Burials take place sequentially and graves are assigned following the cemetery layout plan once a death has occurred. This allows the Village to plant native species of trees and plants as burials take place. Family and friends may participate in a graveside service through a funeral services provider or on their own.

Staying true to the principles of natural burial, memorialization will take place on a common monument of black tusk basalt.

Village staff are working on the long term goal of restoring the natural habitat of the natural burial area that reflects the surrounding forest by planting native species in new interment areas. The plantings may include Douglas fir, white pine, huckleberry, Pacific dogwood, Douglas maple, flowering red currant, and creeping Oregon grape. Any non-native plantings will be removed.

Natural Burial brochure

Contact Us

Contact the Village office at 250-336-2291 or by email at to inquire about:

  • reserving a lot or a columbaria niche at the cemetery
  • interments in a new lot or an existing family lot
  • natural burial
  • finding a family lot
  • marker placement

Fees for Interments and Memorial Marker Installation

2024 Cemetery Fee Schedule

All fees increase 2% on January 1 each year.

To learn more and to discuss options, please contact the Village Office at to discuss your needs. View the Cemetery Management Bylaw for detailed information.

Cemetery Hours

The cemetery is open dawn to dusk.

The vehicle gate is open daily:

  • April 1 to October 30: 8 am to 8 pm
  • October 31 to March 31: 9 am to 5 pm

Maintenance and Care of Memorial Markers

Find out more.

Mowing and Maintenance

The Village has initiated a mowing plan for the cemetery to improve the health of the soil. From May to September, grave areas will be trimmed once each month, as needed. Some of the field areas will be left with longer grass to build the humus in the soil, which in turn will help with water retention. Not mowing in these area will also prevent the destruction of killdeer ground nests in the late spring.

Annual Spring Clean Up

Each April, Village staff tidy up and removes items that detract from the appearance of the cemetery.

If you have any personal items, mementos or artificial flowers on your loved one’s gravesite that need to be refreshed, please consider taking them home in March to be sure they aren’t removed by staff.

Transfer or Surrender of a Right of Interment

An interment right holder or that person’s representative may transfer a right of interment to a family member. A right of interment may also be surrendered to the Village. Please contact the Village office at 250-336-2291 or at for more information.

Cemetery and Funeral Information Resources

In BC, cemeteries and funeral service providers are regulated by the BC Cremation, Interment and Funeral Services Act. Consumer Protection BC is the regulatory and licensing authority.


Consumer Information on Cemeteries

Consumer Information on Funeral Services

Memorial Society of BC

Green Burial Society of Canada

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