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Cumberland Receives $5 Million Grant for Water System

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Cumberland’s application to the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund was successful, and the Village will receive up to $4 988 300 for the Water Supply Capital Improvements Project. This includes $3 005 000 from the federal government, and $1 983 300 from the provincial government.

The project includes construction of a reservoir, water treatment plant and twinning of the supply line. These improvements are needed to bring Cumberland into compliance with provincial Surface Water Treatment Objectives and our Island Health operating permit, and to improve the resiliency of the Village’s water supply.

The total estimated cost of the improvements is $6 038 400. The grant funding will pay for 83% of eligible capital costs. The Village is funding the remaining $1 050 100 of the project through a parcel tax of $63-74 per year (depending on length of the term). Without this funding, the annual parcel tax would have been up to an estimated $339, so this grant will save residents hundreds of dollars per year.

Construction is expected to take place spring 2017 to spring 2018. Find out more about Cumberland’s water system here.

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