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Current Land Development

This page was last reviewed on July 4, 2024.

The purpose of this page is to information on current development applications for the convenience of the public.

Some development applications require mailed notification to properties within 75m of proposed development. Current notices are as follows:

Significant Development Applications in Progress

Address Details Application Type Status
4703 Cumberland Rd Subdivision to facilitate seven bare-land strata lots for single-family homes. Subdivision In Progress

See info below

Lot A (vacant) Ulverston Avenue Bylaw amendments to permit development of this vacant property with 38 townhouses and about 120 apartment units. Zoning Bylaw amendment to permit multi-family residential development In progress

See info below

Comox Lake Road/Horbury Road Bylaw amendments to permit the existing 25 cabins on the property and the potential to subdivide into 25 strata lots. OCP and Zoning amendment to allow subdivision See info below
Penrith Avenue extension Coal Valley Estates Phase 11 for 69 residential lots and 8 multi-family lots. Subdivision

Development Permit

Development Variance Permit

In progress

More information

View Council and committee meeting agendas.

Please be advised that the information provided on this page is provided for convenience only and should not be relied upon in making financial or other commitments. The Village does not warrant the accuracy of the information provided on this page nor accepts responsibility for errors or omissions.

Please contact Building and Development staff at or by phone at 250-336-2291 for more information.

4703 Cumberland Road

The Village has received an application to subdivide 4703 Cumberland Road into seven bare-land strata lots for single-family homes.

The project received a Preliminary Layout Review letter outlining several conditions to fulfil before the subdivision is granted. The proposal meets the current Zoning Bylaw regulations for the existing R-1A – Infill Residential Zone, including minimum lot area. No public hearing is necessary as no rezoning or variances are required to facilitate the subdivision. The property is not subject to any development permit areas.

The applicant is working closely with Village Staff on design requirements.

Lot A, Ulverston Avenue

The Village has received an application to rezone the vacant Lot A on Ulverston Avenue from RU-1 Rural One to a new mixed-use zone. The development concept plan includes 38 townhouses that back onto parkland proposed to the rear of the Royston Road and Carlisle Lane properties and connecting to Ravenwood Park.
Along Ulverston Avenue, the preliminary rezoning site plan proposes two 4-storey rental apartment buildings, and one 3-storey building with commercial space on the ground level and apartment units above. Underground parking is planned for the 3- and 4-storey buildings. The application proposes an affordable housing component. The applicant is applying for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) preferential financing which requires that 10 to 25 percent of the 120 proposed rental units be rented at 30% of median renter income for a period of ten years.

Click the image for full sized view.

Comox Lake Road/Horbury Road: OCP Amendment and Rezoning – Comox Lake Land Corporation Property

The Comox Lake Land Corporation, representing 25 cabin owners off Horbury Road on Comox Lake, is seeking to amend the Village of Cumberland’s Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw. The purpose of the proposed bylaw amendments is to permit the existing 25 cabins on the property and to add the potential to subdivide into 25 strata lots. Current zoning permits one single family dwelling and the property cannot be subdivided.

The cabins were constructed in the early 1900s before any zoning and building regulations were in place and don’t conform to today’s OCP and Zoning Bylaw (they are not a permitted use). However, because they predate today’s bylaws, the cabins can be maintained, repaired or altered. They cannot be enlarged.

Comox Lake is the drinking water supply for over 49,000 Comox Valley residents. Since the cabins are located on Comox Lake, the most important principle guiding the review of the application is to ensure that the residential use on the lake does not negatively impact the drinking water supply of Comox Valley residents, now or in the future.

Environmental, geotechnical, stormwater, emergency access, water and wastewater system reports were submitted as part of the application. A summary report is available here.

At the August 9, 2021 meeting, Village Council passed a resolution to send early referrals for comment on the application to the K’omoks First Nation and key government agencies, including the Comox Valley Regional District, the Comox Lake Watershed Advisory Group and Island Health.

Staff presented the referral comments and recommendations for Zoning and Official Community Plan bylaw amendments at the August 8, 2022 Council meeting. Council referred the report to the Advisory Planning Commission for comment at the September 8, 2022 APC meeting.

Over the past year, staff have worked with the Comox Lake Land Corporation to revise the initial application to find ways to address issues identified in environmental, engineering and geotechnical studies completed as part of the rezoning application. The Land Corporation membership reviewed and approved the revised application in September 2023. Official Community Plan and Zoning Amendment bylaws will be presented to Council in early 2024. Check upcoming Council meeting agendas for a date for the introduction of the bylaws. Comments on the application can be sent to

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