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Development Application and Brochure Directory

This page was last reviewed on February 26, 2019.

Find out more about land use applications through the following links:

Building and Plumbing Permits

Legalizing a Secondary Suite brochure

Building a New Secondary Suite brochure

Conversion to an Accessory Dwelling Unit brochure

Building a New Accessory Dwelling Unit brochure

Development Variance Permits

Heritage Alteration Permits


Official Community Plan (OCP) and rezoning applications

Development Permits

Temporary Use Permits

Manufactured Home Park Permits

Flood Exemptions

Agency Letter

View the Development Procedures and Fees Bylaw.

View the development application information requirements guide.

Find out about compliance letters.

The Village uses a number of regulatory tools to ensure that building and development are carried out in accordance with the Local Government Act, the Land Title Act, the BC Building Code and other Provincial legislation and municipal bylaws.

Regulatory tools are in place to ensure that

  • buildings and structures are constructed in a manner which meets minimum life, fire, and health safety requirements.
  • appropriate access is provided to property.
  • business standards are appropriate to the community.
  • nuisances are minimized.
  • incompatible land uses have appropriate separation.

To find out more about land development applications, contact staff at the Village at 250-336-2291 or by email.

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