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Development Variance Permits

This page was last reviewed on March 4, 2024.

A Development Variance Permit (DVP) is a permit issued by the Council or the Manager of Development Services that varies regulations of a Village bylaw (Zoning Bylaw, Subdivision and Development Bylaw, Manufactured Home Park Permit, or another Bylaw).

When is a Development Variance Permit Needed?

A DVP is required when a property owner wishes to change certain requirements in a Village Bylaw. Types of variances typically requested:

  • Zoning Bylaw – i.e., building height, building setbacks, off-street parking requirements, signs, screening and landscaping.
  • Subdivision and Development Bylaw – i.e., subdivision servicing, landscaping, access, and timing of service requirements.
  • Manufactured Home Park Bylaw – i.e., Access Road width, signage, landscaping and buffer areas.

However, land use and density cannot be varied or changed by a DVP.

Minor Development Variance Permits

In some cases, a DVP may be considered minor and can be approved by the Manager of Development Services. These minor DVPs do not require Council approval if they meet the criteria set out in the Development Application Procedures Bylaw. A DVP may be considered minor if the following applies:

  • The variance would have no significant negative impact on the use of immediately adjacent or nearby properties.
  • The degree or scope of the variance relative to the regulation from which a variance is sought is not significant.
  • The proposed variance is consistent with the general purpose and intent of the zone.
  • There is a valid reason for the variance request.

The Manager of Development Services will refer a minor DVP to Council if the application is in conjunction with a Development Permit not delegated to staff or if they deem it to be in the public interest to instead have the application considered by Council.

How to Apply

Please review the Development Variance Permit Application Guide. Next, contact the Development Services Department to discuss your proposal. This will help determine if a formal pre-application meeting is required.

Further Information and Forms

Questions? Contact the Development Services Department at: 250-336-2291 or email us at

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