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Event Applications & Facility Rentals

This page was last reviewed on May 17, 2024.

The Cumberland Event Application Manual contains important information on application timelines, fees, insurance requirements, applicant responsibilities and much more.

A community event application is required for:

  • Private events in a park or facility, other than children’s birthday parties at the Cumberland Recreation Centre (birthday parties can be booked online),
  • A commercial or non-commercial activity or event that attracts participants and/or spectators, including: a festival, competition, race, tournament, show, private event, ceremony, guided use or training within a Village facility, public space, park or trail
  • Organizers of neighbourhood block parties should our simplified Application to Host a Block Party
  • A commercial service within a Village facility, public space, park or trail (including guided operations or trainers)
  • Commercial filming using still or motion photography

How to Apply

Submit an Online Event Application or contact Cumberland Recreation for a hard copy form.

We recommend that you follow the recommended application timelines listed on page 3 of the manual, and that you apply as early as possible if your application requires a Noise Control Bylaw exemption or street closure.

Facility Information

For details on Village of Cumberland parks and facilities, including equipment/amenities that are available, please see Parks, Recreation & Cultural Venues.

Equipment Borrowing

If you need to borrow traffic barricades, signage or other equipment for your event, you must submit an Equipment Request Form.

Event Insurance

If you require third-party event liability coverage, we encourage you to try the MIABC EventPolicy portal (enter “Village of Cumberland” when prompted to enter an event space owner). When you book a policy through that portal, Cumberland Recreation will automatically receive your certificate of insurance with all required Additional Insureds listed. Please note that while the MIABC EventPolicy portal is provided as a convenient resource, you are free to purchase your insurance from any provider you choose. MIABC does not provide liability coverage for inflatable bounce houses.


Review our Cumberland Event Application Manual and contact Cumberland Recreation if you have further questions.

Please note that you may contact us to inquire about facility availability, but no facilities will be held until an Event Application has been received.

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