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Parks, Recreation & Cultural Event Venues

This page was last reviewed on June 6, 2024.

Trying to decide which Village of Cumberland venue is most appropriate for your event? Please see below for information on our parks and facilities, including capacities, materials and services included, sample site plans and more.

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Village Park
Cumberland Recreation Centre
Cumberland Cultural Centre
No. 6 Mine Park
Village Square
Cumberland Community Forest Park (trail network)
Coal Creek Park

Village Park

Village Park Utilities & Bookable Spaces Map

Map legend:
A = Racquet courts
B = Basketball court
C = Horseshoe pitch
D = Sports field
E = Forested area
F = Centennial building
G = Concession
NB = typically non-bookable for exclusive use, except in conjunction with certain larger events

Click here for a site plan template for Village Park

Please see our Village Park page for more information about Village Park.

Basketball Court

The basketball court has two baskets, is fully fenced and can be booked for community events.

Centennial Building

The Centennial Building is primarily a storage area but can be used by organizers booking the Sports Field as a changeroom and/or shower facilities.


The concession building has a fridge, freezer, sink (cold water only) and counter space for food prep and/or storage. The concession does not contain a stove, and no cooking is permitted inside the building. Cooking using a BBQ or other outdoor cooking device can be done outside the Concession, with the building itself used for food prep and/or service.

Forested Area

The northeast corner of Village Park is shaded by majestic Douglas-firs and is suitable for low-impact activities (no vehicles are allowed). Planting restoration is underway in this area; please do not enter restoration zones, which are demarcated by logs. Non-vehicle camping is permitted in this area in conjunction with a permitted event, except for within restoration zones.

Horseshoe Pitch

Booking of the Horseshoe Pitch does not include the clubhouse building.

Racquet Courts

The racquet courts include one tennis court and two pickleball courts. Nets are stored indoors annually from December through February.

Skate Park / Jump Park

The skate park and mountain bike jump park / pump track are located on the south end of Village Park near the south end of Sixth Street. These facilities are non-bookable and typically have a portable toilet on site from approximately April to October.

Sports Field

The Sports Field includes the East and West Ball Diamonds, the soccer/rugby pitch and adjacent grassy areas. It can be booked for sports events and non-sporting community events. Locations of water and power access points can be viewed in the Utilities & Bookable Spaces map above.

Additional Details:

Power outlets available at the Village Park concession building: 20A/120V (x3); 30A/208V (x1); 50A/208V (x2). Access available for an additional fee. All other Village Park outlets are standard 120V. Image

Tent camping is permitted in certain areas of Village Park in conjunction with a permitted event.

The Village Park parking lot can accommodate approximately 40 vehicles.

Cumberland Recreation Centre

2665 Dunsmuir Avenue

Gymnasium / Rec Hall

  • Person capacity with tables: 400
  • Person capacity without tables: 436
  • Floor area: 6,500 sq. ft. (100′ x 65′)
  • Parking lot can accommodate approximately 40 vehicles

The Cumberland Recreation Centre gymnasium is our largest indoor venue and is suitable for large events and gatherings. It comes equipped with:

  • 413 chairs
  • 39 eight-foot rectangular folding tables (fits 312 guests seated eight to a table)
  • 2 six-foot folding tables (table surface folds in half)
  • Bar area with service window & counter, glass-fronted refrigerator, ice machine and ice trough
  • Small mezzanine overlooking the gymnasium
  • Six-foot by eight-foot dual height mobile stage (can be set to 16″ or 24″ high); set-up of the stage is not provided but click here for an instructional video (please note that only the first 2:45 is applicable to our style of stage)
  • Dedicated male and female washrooms, with additional all-gender washrooms also available during regular recreation centre hours
  • Adjacent commercial kitchen with service window into gymnasium (kitchen must be booked separately; see below)

Please note that moving tables or chairs between the Cumberland Recreation Centre and the Cumberland Cultural Centre is not permitted. If you require more tables or chairs than we have available, you’ll have to source them independently.

Commercial Kitchen

The commercial kitchen is adjacent to the gymnasium/rec hall at the Cumberland Recreation Centre. It is permitted by Island Health for food preparation and service, has a service window into the gymnasium and comes equipped with:

  • Gas range with side-by-side ovens, four gas burners and a 45″ x 26″ flat-top grill
  • Commercial dishwasher
  • Two 72″ x 30″ stainless steel tables for food prep
  • 62″ x 30″ (residential-size) refrigerator
  • Double stainless steel sink
  • Microwave oven
  • Residential coffee maker and several commercial coffee urns
  • Selection of pots, pans, utensils and other cooking/baking implements (inquire for details if needed)

Rental of the commercial kitchen also includes a selection of service dishware sufficient to meet the needs of up to 400 people, including:

    • dinner plates
    • lunch (“medium”) plates
    • side plates
    • soup bowls
    • dessert cups
    • cups and saucers
    • small milk/cream jugs
    • cutlery (dinner forks, salad forks, knives, soup spoons and teaspoons)
    • salt & pepper shakers

Specific information pertaining to permit holders renting the commercial kitchen is included in the “Conditions of Parks Facilities” section of the Community Events Application Manual. See Community Event Application & Facility Rentals for details.

Cumberland Cultural Centre

2674 Dunsmuir Avenue

The Cultural Centre is located across Dunsmuir from the Cumberland Municipal Office and features two multi-purpose halls. Both halls have the same dimensions and capacities:

      • person capacity with tables: 170
      • person capacity without tables: 185
      • Floor area: 2,496 sq. ft.39 ft x 64 ft
      • Parking lot can accommodate approximately 50 vehicles

Please note that moving tables, chairs, place settings and/or other items from one hall to the other, or to or from the Cumberland Recreation Centre, is not permitted. If you require more items than your chosen facility has available, you’ll have to source them independently.

Buchanan Hall (Lower Level)

Buchanan Hall is our main rental venue for banquets, presentations and other gatherings. It features a small commercial kitchen, a wooden “dance floor” area covering most of one half of the room and comes equipped with:

      • 20 eight-foot rectangular folding tables
      • 21 6-foot round folding tables
      • 6 34-inch “card” tables
      • 170 chairs
      • Place settings for 100 people (dinner plates, lunch plates, side plates, soup bowls, cups, saucers and cutlery (dinner forks, dinner knives, soup spoons, salad forks and teaspoons) Please note that while we’ve done our best to get consistent dishware and cutlery sets, not all place settings will match. If this is important to you, we recommend you supply your own cutlery/dishware.)
      • PA system with two speakers, wireless microphone and Bluetooth connectivity
      • Small mobile podium for presentations
      • Dedicated washrooms (male/female/all gender)
      • Small kitchen with commercial dishwasher and two residential-style ranges.

Moncrief Hall (Upper Level)

Moncrief Hall is typically used for fitness classes and is kept at a low temperature (approximately 17 degrees). It is nonetheless also available for bookings and comes equipped with:

      • 4 six-foot rectangular folding tables
      • 7 eight-foot rectangular folding tables
      • 20 chairs
      • Dedicated washrooms (male/female/all gender)
      • Small kitchen that can be used for food staging and service but is NOT licensed for food preparation

No. 6 Mine Park

No. 6 Mine Park is a small community park suitable for small-scale events. It includes a small covered “stage” with 120 V power, a water spigot for fresh water access, and a small grassy area. Please note that the playground on the west side of the park is non-reservable and is not included with bookings of No. 6 Mine Park.

Click here for a site plan template for No. 6 Mine Park, complete with locations of power and water.

Village Square

Village Square is a small public park located on the south side of Dunsmuir Avenue between Third St. and Fourth St. that’s suitable for small gatherings, markets and other community events. It includes a grassy area with some shade trees around the perimeter, plus a paving-stone surface covering approximately a third of the park. The park has access to 120 V power in the northeast corner near Dunsmuir (image: detailed location of power access) and water access near the northwest corner (image: detailed location of water access). Village Park also typically has an Accessible portable toilet in place year-round.

Click here for a site plan template for Village Square, complete with locations of power and water.

Cumberland Community Forest Park (Trail Network)

The forested lands of Cumberland Community Forest Park sit to the south of Cumberland and are criss-crossed by a number of multi-use, uneven surface trails. Event organizers who intend to use the Cumberland Community Forest Park and encouraged to read our Trail-Based Events page for further information. Please see our Cumberland Community Forest Park page for additional information.

Coal Creek Park

Coal Creek Park is comprised primarily of the historic Chinatown and No. 1 Japanese Townsite. The No. 1 and No. 2 coal mine sites are also within the park, and the South Wellington Colliery Railway trail also traverses it. For more information about the park and its history, please visit Coal Creek Historic Park. Please note that the Coal Creek Disc Golf Course is open to the public and is non-bookable. The pavilion near the entrance to the disc golf course at No. 1 Japanese Townsite typically has a portable toilet in place form approximately April to October.

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