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Heritage Alteration Permits

This page was last reviewed on August 9, 2022.

Cumberland’s Historic Village Commercial Core is a heritage conservation area. Within this area, a Heritage Alteration Permit (HAP) is required to take any of the following actions to land or buildings:

  • Start the construction of a building or structure or an addition to an existing building or structure within the area
  • Alter a building or structure or land within the area
  • Alter a feature that is protected heritage property
  • Subdivide land
  • Demolition of a building

Heritage Alteration Permits ensure that changes to heritage properties are consistent with heritage conservation objectives.

The Heritage Conservation Area is designated by the Cumberland Official Community Plan. For more information on the guidelines, visit:

Apply for a Heritage Alteration Permit

For more information on Heritage Alteration Permits, including the process, fees, application requirements, and authorization/appointment of agent, please review the Application & Guide document:

Heritage Alteration Permit Application and Guide

Please contact Development Services Staff at 250-336-2291 for more information on heritage designations and to apply for a permit.

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