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Heritage Committee

This page was last reviewed on February 27, 2024.

The Heritage Committee is tasked with:

  • working with Village staff and consultants in the implementation of the Village’s heritage management plan including developing statements of significance for historic sites and buildings within the Village;
  • working with Village staff and consultants in maintaining and updating the Community Heritage Register;
  • advising Council on matters referred to it by Council;
  • reviewing and making recommendations on development applications within any Heritage Conservation Area (HCA) or Heritage Revitalization Development Permit Areas through a referral from Council;

View the Committee’s full Terms of Reference.


The Heritage Committee typically meets the third Thursday of each month at 4:00 p.m.

View meeting agendas and minutes.


Marianne Bell
Meaghan Cursons
Hugh McLean
Lois Harris
Tanis Frame
Lulu Kanters
Eric Pattison
Councillor Borecky
Councillor Therrien, alternate

Council may appoint up to ten community-at-large members and one Council member to the Heritage Committee.

Committee members should broadly represent the various interests of the community, including but not limited to heritage conservation, history, business, development, environment, tourism, architecture, and design.

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