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Homelessness and Affordable Housing Select Committee

This page was last reviewed on January 15, 2021.

Affordable Housing Implementation Framework

In 2016, the Homelessness and Affordable Housing developed an Affordable Housing Implementation Framework with consultants. Council adopted the Framework at the regular Council meeting of November 14, 2016.

The Framework identifies strategies for the Village to support and facilitate affordable housing in Cumberland.

The Village and Committee gathered feedback from the public for the framework through an online questionnaire and an open house in September 2016.

Read the 2016 Affordable Housing Implementation Framework

Read the Summary of Housing Needs and Issues

Resources for individuals who are homeless or at risk of homelessness

Drop in to the Village office to pick up a current copy of the Comox Valley Resource Guide at the front counter.

Committee Meeting Schedule

Meetings are typically held on the third Wednesday each month at 9 am in Council Chambers, 2675 Dunsmuir Avenue, next to the Fire Hall.

View meeting agendas and minutes.

Terms of Reference

Cumberland’s Homelessness and Affordable Housing Committee is a select committee of Council tasked with make recommendations to Council on

    1. affordability guidelines for housing agreements;
    2. rules about development cost charges and amenities;
    3. brochure on affordable housing in Cumberland;
    4. facilitation of partnerships, and
    5. review of available lands to develop a land bank.
    6. any other matters referred to it by Council related to homelessness or affordable

The Committee is expected to meet ten times per year and to complete its work by the spring of 2018.

View the Committee’s complete terms of reference.


Council may appoint up to six community-at-large members and one member of council, who may not sit as chair or vice-chair.

Kathy Duperron, vice-chair
Ian Cooper
Mark Fortin
Bobby Herron
Lindsay Monk
Councillor Jesse Ketler

Resources on Homelessness and Affordable Housing

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