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How to book time in the Fitness Studio

This page was last reviewed on July 30, 2021.

We’re currently piloting a hybrid booking system for the fitness studio. High-demand time slots on weekday mornings and evenings can be booked up to a week in advance and are limited in duration and capacity. All other times, including weekends, are purely drop-in only and have no special limits on time or capacity.

Here’s how to book your time in the fitness studio:

Step 1:

Go to and click the button that says “REGISTER FOR PROGRAMS / FITNESS STUDIO.” This will take you to our ActiveNet registration system.

Step 2:

If you haven’t already created your new ActiveNet account, you will need to do so now. Here’s how.

Step Three:

Click on “Activities” in the top menu bar. This will bring up a list of scheduled activities.

Step 4:

Click on “Activities” below the search bar and then select “Fitness Studio Bookings” to display only fitness studio bookings. This will remove any other programs from your view.

Step 5:

Sort by “Detailed Date” to show the available fitness studio time slots in chronological order.

Step 6:

Click “Enroll Now” next to the time slot you’d like to book, and then follow the prompts to select a participant, add to cart and check out. When you arrive for your time slot, simply identify yourself to the rec worker on duty and enjoy your workout!

Paying for your fitness studio time

Please note that payment for all bookings must be made at the time of the booking — this includes bookings made over the phone. We no longer have the ability to reserve a time slot without payment. If you don’t have a membership but prefer the convenience of not having to pay for every booking individually, you can call us at 250.336.2231 to put credit on your account that can be used for online bookings.


Please don’t hesitate to call 250.336.2231 or email

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