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Water Meter Billing Postponed Until 2014

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In order to collect more data on water consumption, Council has determined that consumption-based billing will be deferred until January 2014. Until then, water utility billing will continue on a water use flat-fee basis.

The Village has been collecting water consumption data since February 2012 with the intention of imposing water rates based on consumption in January 2013. However, without a full year of consumption data, there is a concern that estimated annual water data would produce unpredictability in estimations of water usage. Council wants to be sure that rates accurately reflect consumption in the Village.

The Village will continue to work with residents to find water leaks and to provide information on water conservation before consumption-based billing begins. Consumption notices will continue to be provided to home owners and businesses through 2012 and 2013 with mock billing expected to begin in August 2013.

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