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OCP Local Citizens Advisory Group to Hold its First Meeting on Monday, February 18

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The Local Citizen Advisory Group will meet on Monday, February 18 from 5 to 8 p.m. in the Village Council Chambers.

At this meeting the Advisory Group will to begin its work by discussing issues and opportunities, by identifying the strength and areas for improvement to the 2004 official community plan, and by beginning to develop alternative policy options for areas needing improvement. Most discussions will take place in small break-out groups of Advisory Group members. The general public is welcome to attend, however please note that this is a working meeting for Advisory Group members.

The purpose of the Advisory Group is to provide advice to Village staff and Stantec consultant team on the strengths, areas for improvement of the 2004 OCP and policy alternatives to address a range of growth, planning and development opportunities and constraints affecting the Village of Cumberland. The advice provided will help lead to the review and revision of the 2004 Official Community Plan (OCP).

Members of the Advisory Group are:

  • Vickey Brown
  • Dave Corman
  • Meaghan Cursons
  • Grace Doherty
  • Marie Hale
  • Eric Krejci
  • Linden Loughridge
  • Evan Loveless
  • Chris Makuch
  • Jack Minard
  • Steve Morgan
  • Anya Macleod
  • Vig Schulman
  • Adam Silverstein
  • Holly Stowell
  • Teresa Waddell
  • Nick Ward
  • Melanie Willson

Please feel free to express your ideas and opinions on the Official Community Plan Review to Council members and to attend the second community dialogue meeting which is set to take place in mid-March. Watch for more information on this community-wide event.

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