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Candidates for the 2018 General Local Election

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The following candidates have been declared as candidates for the Village of Cumberland 2018 local general election . They are listed in order of candidate type and alphabetically by last name. The official notice of election will be published the week of September 24, 2018.

Nomination documents are available for public inspection at the Village office at 2763 Dunsmuir Avenue during regular business hours.


Baird, Leslie

Uranga, Eduardo


Brown, Vickey

Ketler, Jesse Anne

Kishi, Roger

Krejci, Eric

McLean, Ian

Sproule, Gwyn

Sullivan, Sean

School Trustee

Howe, Sarah Jane

Rankin, Laurel

Assent Vote / Referendum Question:

The following question will be submitted to the electorate of the voting area of the Corporate of the Village of Cumberland:

“Are you in favour of ‘Wastewater Upgrade Project Loan Authorization Bylaw, No. 1084, 2018’ to authorize the Village of Cumberland to borrow up to $4,400,000, including interest, over a period not exceeding 20 years in order to finance the construction of an upgraded lagoon wastewater treatment plant?” YES or NO

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