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Notice of Alley Closure and Disposal

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The Village of Cumberland gives notice that it intends to adopt “Ambleside Alley Closure and Disposal Bylaw No 1108, 2019” to close a 134.7 m2 portion of an alley located in the vicinity of Ambleside Avenue and Second Street (shown on the plan), remove its dedication as a highway, and dispose of and convey the closed alley in fee simple at no cost to the Vancouver Island Health Authority, the registered owner of the adjacent property at 2696 Windermere Avenue (Cumberland Lodge and Health Centre).

The alley to be closed is shown in red on the plan.

Persons who consider they are affected by the proposed bylaw “Ambleside Alley Closure and Disposal Bylaw No 1108, 2019” may make representations to Cumberland Council in writing by September 16, 2019 to the Village office at Box 340, 2673 Dunsmuir Avenue, Cumberland BC V0R 1S0 or by email to

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