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Notice of Alternative Approval Process (AAP), Wastewater Upgrade Project

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The Council of the Village of Cumberland is seeking the approval of the electors through an alternative approval process (AAP) to adopt a loan authorization bylaw to borrow up to $4.4 million for a maximum term of 20 years to construct an upgraded wastewater treatment project. Improved wastewater treatment is required to bring the Village into compliance with the BC Municipal Wastewater Regulation.

This project will result in an increase of taxes and fees due to increased operating costs and capital debt repayment. The financial impact depends on whether the Village receives senior government infrastructure funding and ranges from $310 per year to $449 per year for a typical residential parcel.

The Council may proceed with the adoption of “Wastewater Upgrade Project Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 1084, 2018” unless by August 24, 2018 at least 289 electors, which is 10% of the electors of the Village of Cumberland, indicate that the Council must obtain the assent of the electors before proceeding. The approval process applies to the entire Village of Cumberland.

Elector responses must be given in the form established by the Council. The form is available here and at the Village office. The only persons entitled to sign the forms are the electors of the Village of Cumberland.

Find more information on the project and this alternative approval process or call the Village office at 250-336-2291.

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