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Parking Cash In Lieu

This page was last reviewed on August 19, 2020.

What is cash in lieu?

Cash in lieu means that an owner of a property, building or structure may, at their option, pay to the Village of Cumberland a predetermined amount for each vehicular parking stall instead of providing the required number of vehicular parking spaces on site. See section 6.2 of the Zoning Bylaw for cash-in-lieu provision amounts which vary depending on the type of parking stall.

Cash-in-lieu parking allows for increased densification to occur where parking cannot be easily met on-site.

Cash-in-lieu supports the redevelopment of older buildings in the Historic Village Commercial Core and offers flexibility to reduce the area of a lot dedicated to parking.

The cash-in-lieu funds will be deposited into a “Municipal Parking Cash-in-Lieu Fund” to be used by the municipality for providing new and existing off-street parking spaces and for providing transportation infrastructure that supports walking, bicycling, public transit, or other alternative forms of transportation.

Where is cash-in-lieu permitted?

Cash-in-lieu is available as an option for visitor parking requirements in any zone within the Village of Cumberland.

Cash-in-lieu is available as an option for all parking requirements in the VCMU-1 zone and R-1A zone. See the Zoning Bylaw for information about these zones.

How is cash-in-lieu calculated?

The cash-in-lieu amount is based on a formula utilizing the cost of construction of a parking space, the area of a parking space, annual maintenance costs, and ability to share spaces between various uses. This amount reflects the true cost of the municipality designing, constructing and maintaining parking in the Village of Cumberland. As well, the amount includes replacement cost.

Principal use requirements + Accessory use requirements = Total number of stalls required

Parking requirements for vehicular parking stalls can be found in the land use tables in Section 6.3 of the Zoning Bylaw No. 1027, 2016.

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