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Parks, Trails and Playgrounds

This page was last reviewed on April 9, 2024.

Come outside and see your neighbours. The Village has a variety of parks, trails and playgrounds for your recreating pleasure. To report a problem in a park please call 250-336-2291.

Parks and Trails Maps and Plans

Park Rentals

Parks and playgrounds can be rented for events. Call Cumberland Recreation at 250-336-2231 for more information.

Village Square

Located in the heart of the Village on Dunsmuir Avenue, the Square is a gathering place and a great place for community events and music.

Village Park

There is something for everyone at Village Park! Located on Dunsmuir Avenue at Sixth Street. Find out more about the park.

No. 6 Mine Heritage Park

Marking the site of the entrance to the historic No. 6 Coal Mine, this park is the perfect spot for community events, a family picnic, or a game of kick the can.

The park is located on Derwent Avenue behind the Cumberland Recreation Centre (CRI) and is accessible from the CRI parking lot on Dunsmuir Avenue and Sutton Road. Parking is also available on Derwent Avenue immediately adjacent to the park.

Features include

  • Covered stage
  • Shaded picnic and play area
  • Children’s playground suitable for all ages
  • Gardens and rustic pathways
  • Field area
  • Water and power source available with rental

No. 6 Heritage Park was built and is maintained by a dedicated group of volunteers. The park stands as a memorial to all the miners and workers that served in the Cumberland mines through interpretative signage and artifacts.

South Wellington Colliery Railway Trail

This trail borders the south side of Cumberland from the foot of Sixth Street to the foot of Second Street. Take this trail to find the Cumberland Community Forest trail system, mountain biking trail system, and Coal Creek Historic Park.

Derwent Park and Rotary Orchard Park

These two connecting parks are located between Dunsmuir Avenue (Camp Road) and Comox Lake Road and connect west Cumberland to the trail system at Coal Creek Historic Park at Chinatown. You can access these parks from Porky’s Path, which can be found at the end of the Dzunuk’wa Alley between Camp Road and Derwent Avenue. The park also can be reached from the west end of Camp Road and from Comox Lake Road.

The Village acquired Old Orchard Park in the fall of 2012. Prior to this, the local Rotary club led maintenance and clean up of the orchard and surrounding area. The Rotary will continue to be involved in park maintenance and is excited to partner with the Village which will allow for greater community participation in maintaining the orchard.

Cumberland Community Forest Park

The Cumberland Community Forest is a 60 hectare community park is located just southwest of the historic village commercial core and is the gateway to Cumberland’s legendary trail system.

Coal Creek Historic Park

This 40 hectare park encompasses the historic Chinatown and No. 1 Japanese Town sites and features portions of the historic Wellington Colliery Railway trail. Find out more about the park.

North Wellington Colliery Railway Trail

This trail travels the length of Kendal Avenue for approximately 500m from Cumberland Road.

Ulverston Station Park

Trails through this park connect Conniston Crescent, Mill Street and Ulverston Avenue.

Ravenwood Park

Ravenwood Park connects Ulverston Avenue to Carlisle Lane east of Village Park.

Solport Park

Solport Park was transferred to the Village as part of Phase 7 of the Coal Valley Estates subdivision. Best accessed from Solport Street at Kentmere Avenue, the park is approximately 0.9 acres in size and is currently made up of young forest with multi-use trails.

Village staff are in the process of planning and designing the next steps of development for Solport Park, this includes the construction of a small playground area and installation of other park amenities. See here for more information and updates on Solport Park

Cumberland Lake Park, Boat Launch and Campground on Comox Lake

View information on Cumberland Lake Park.

Trail Access Agreement

In December 2015, the Village of Cumberland signed off on a recreational trail land access agreements with the United Riders of Cumberland (UROC), TimberWest Forest Corp., and Hancock Forest Management.

The agreement will formally allow non-motorized recreation on private managed forest lands adjacent to the Village of Cumberland. The agreement also gives the private landowners the opportunity to better communicate and manage risks associated with people recreating on their land. The Village has been working in partnership with the United Riders of Cumberland and private land owners on the project since 2013.

Future Parks

In 2011, the Village Council amended the Official Community Plan Bylaw to add the Parks and Greenways Master Plan. The Plan provides a framework to guide the Village toward the identification, preservation, restoration, acquisition and management of significant parks, open spaces, and green corridors over the next 10 to 15 years. It identifies conceptual locations of potential parks and trails in the Village and is the blue print for the acquisition of future parks through many means, including development applications.

You can view the map of existing and proposed parks under the Downloads section of this page. The full Parks and Greenways Master Plan can be viewed on the Official Community Plan Bylaw page.

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