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Reducing Reliance on Single-Use Plastics in Cumberland

This page was last reviewed on July 10, 2019.

The Village of Cumberland has adopted a bylaw to regulate single-use plastics in the community.

Single-use plastics generally refer to plastic products that are considered disposable and only used once before they are recycled or more commonly thrown away.

Frequently Asked Questions – Single-Use Plastics Regulations

The bylaw is effective July 1, 2019 and supported by a public advisory campaign will be phased-in over the following months. Bylaw enforcement will begin in January 2020.

Many municipalities on Vancouver Island, including our neighbours in Comox and Courtenay have either finalized or are in the process of instituting bylaws, aimed at reducing the impact of single use items. On June 10, 2019, the Government of Canada announced they will ban single-use plastics as early as 2021.

Background: Cumberland Single-Use Plastics Item Regulations

On July 9, 2018 Cumberland Council endorsed Member of Parliament (MP) Gord Johns’ private members motion (M-151), National strategy to combat plastic pollution. As part of this endorsement, Council also directed Village Staff to report on a ban of single use plastics in the Village of Cumberland. On March 25, 2019 the Single Use Item Regulation bylaw was adopted by Village Council.

Retail Toolkit

A Retail Toolkit has been developed to provide businesses with information and tools to help transition to the new bylaw. The Toolkit includes tip sheets for business owners and staff, posters, handbills, and till toppers. Businesses are also invited to create their own materials should they prefer to do so.

Access to these materials is provided via the following links:

The Village’s current focus is on developing education and awareness related to the bylaw and is committed to continue to work with retailers to promote compliance.

The Village will begin administering fines in January 2020, if required. The Bylaw states that an individual can be fined between $50 and $500, while a corporation can be fined between $100 and $10,000 dollars. These amounts are consistent with other municipal bylaws.

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