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Putian Celebrates Gift from Cumberland

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Chinese media reported recently on Cumberland’s 2013 gift to its sister city, Putian, Fujian, PRC:

Reporter Yan……

Recently, a friend on Internet posted a news report from the Huang Shi ( Yellowstone ) Art Gallery park about a very large log on display there and pursued the story behind it. The log is 22 metres long, 1.5 metres diameter, the height of a person while the log is lying down, And weighs more than 27 tonnes. The growth rings are too difficult to count making the log very old and not normal tree. It has a connection with a sister city of Putian, Canada, Cumberland City, and the log is a symbol of that relationship. It is valued at more than 20,000 US Dollars. The name of the wood is Huo qi tong or Bei mei huang sha, and is the second most protected plant growth in China. [It is a Douglas fir from British Columbia , provided by TimberWest on behalf of Cumberland ]

It is like looking at a very large dragon so long that you cannot see the tail. A chiseled stone marker explains the story of the sister city relationship in Chinese and English languages.

This log, placed in the outdoor art gallery was first presented by Mayor Fred Bates of Canada, Cumberland city for the purpose of carving a large size Mazu , but after a professional assessment it was determined that the log is not suitable for this purpose so it was placed in the gallery to represent the relationship with Canada, Cumberland when it was delivered in 2013, demonstrating that both cities are committed to a deep, everlasting relationship of friendship. When Putian citizens expressed a concern that the log might rot, they were assured that the city had treated the log with a preservative to ensure its longevity just as the stone tablet tells of the sister city longevity.

The article is roughly translated by Jenny Cai.

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