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Recycling Collection

This page was last reviewed on November 30, 2023.

Unlimited recycling is collected bi-weekly from all residences and businesses in Cumberland.

Recycling containers must be supplied by the resident. Please keep your containers within these limits:

  • Maximum volume: 77 litres
  • Maximum weight: 22 kg

Containers should be secure and ensure that recycling materials do no blow out of the container during periods of inclement weather. Recycling stickers to apply to your container are available at the Village Office at no charge. Please note that recycling contained in single-use bags will not be collected.

Collection Schedules

Find collection schedules on the Solid Waste Services page and contact information if your collection was missed.

What is Collected in your Curbside Container

  • Newsprint and mixed paper, telephone books, paper gift wrap
  • Cardboard and boxboard under 30″ x 30″ in size
  • Metal food and beverage containers
  • Plastic household food, beverage and cleaner containers, except bleach containers
  • Empty aerosol cans and caps
  • Aluminum foil wrap, aluminum takeout and baking containers
  • Spiral wound containers from products like frozen juice and cookie dough
  • Cartons and cups, including hot and cold drink cups and lids, milk and ice cream cartons
  • Aseptic boxes, including milk, milk-type beverages, soup and broth containers (not including juice boxes)
  • Plastic garden plant pots and seedling trays
  • Plastic clam shell containers, trails and tops, and tubs and lids

Please do not include these materials in your container:

  • Glass (depot only)
  • Styrofoam (depot only)
  • Plastic bags, wrap and film (depot only)
  • Waxed or soiled boxes
  • Hardcover or paperback books
  • Plastic containers for motor oil, and antifreeze, bottle caps and lids (Household Hazardous Waste)
  • Paint and paint products (Household Hazardous Waste)

View a Materials List (PDF) from RecycleBC on what can go in and what can’t go in your container. Glass containers, foam packaging, and plastic bags and outerwrap must be recycled at a depot.

See the Recycle BC website for a complete list of recyclables that may be included in your curbside container.

Recycle More! Comox Valley Recycling Depots

Many items that you cannot include in your curbside container may be recycled at Comox Valley recycling depots. Find locations of all recycling depots in the Comox Valley.

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