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Report Forest Fires Immediately to 911 or *5555 on Your Cell

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Cumberland Fire Rescue continues to ask Cumberland residents to be cautious and vigilant this summer, both in the Village and in the forest.

Each summer, Cumberland Fire Rescue volunteers schedules regular wildfire patrols around the Village and asks residents to keep their eyes open for smoke in our surrounding forests and report forest fires immediately to 911 or to *5555 on your cell phone.

Reporting fires early is key to wildfire suppression and keeping the Village safe.

You can also take these important measures:

  • Please do not smoke in parks, trails, or anywhere in the forests
  • Cool hot motors and wheel bearings before storing away for machines such as chainsaws, dirtbikes, and lawnmowers
  • Distinguish cigarettes completely in a fire proof container at home

Find out more about Cumberland Fire Protection Services.

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