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Residents Encouraged to Manage Wildlife Attractants

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Residents of Cumberland are asked to keep up their efforts to manage wildlife attractants around their homes.

“Residents have done an excellent job securing their solid waste and picking their fruit in the past few years, and it’s really important that we keep this up,” says Mayor Leslie Baird. “Cumberland has a history of bears getting into garbage and being destroyed. We must keep bears out of the Village to keep them safe.”

Bears that become food-habituated can become dangerous and are a greater risk of coming into conflicts with people and pets. Other common wildlife attractants include birdseed, uncleaned barbeques, pet food, and outdoor freezers. “Once a bear finds a food source, it will be back. It’s important not to wait for a bear to find it – store it away securely before it gets to that point,” says Ashley Marks, Cumberland’s WildSafeBC community coordinator.

Since 2016, the Village has partnered with WildSafeBC to improve community awareness through education and garbage tagging programs. This fall residents who do not store their solid waste securely or put it out to the curb before collection day can expect a fine of $50 to $500 depending on the offence. Those with a disability or limited mobility who need assistance with their solid waste can find information on the solid waste services page.

Residents can also expect a Wildlife Attractants Checklist in their mailbox this fall. To speak with your local coordinator Ashley about managing attractants call 250-897-8239 or email until the end of November. More information is also available at the WildSafeBC website at

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