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Zoning Amendment

This page was last reviewed on April 9, 2024.

Zoning is a set of rules that control how land can be used and how buildings can be constructed. It determines things like where buildings can be placed, how big they can be, and what they can be used for. Zoning ensures compatibility between land uses, and promotes public health, safety, and the overall vision for the community. Every property in Cumberland has a specific zoning classification that tells you what activities are permitted on that property.

When is a Zoning Amendment Needed?

A rezoning application (also known as a zoning bylaw amendment) is needed to change the existing zoning of a property when the land use or density does not match what is allowed in the Zoning Bylaw. You may consider applying for a Zoning Bylaw amendment if you want to:

  • Alter the zoning designation of a property.
  • Modify the building form or siting.
  • Add or restrict a specific use for a particular property; or
  • Increase or decrease the maximum allowed density on a specific property.

To change a property’s zone or amend a specific regulation in the Zoning Bylaw, the applicant must demonstrate that the new zoning that is proposed aligns with the Village’s OCP and the long-term vision for the future. If the proposed zone does not correspond to the OCP designation, an OCP amendment is also required. It is important to verify with staff if this is required. The final decision on a rezoning application is made by the Village Council.

How to Apply

Please review the Zoning Amendment Application Guide. Next, contact the Development Services Department to discuss your proposal. This will help determine if a formal pre-application meeting is required.

Further Information and Forms

Questions? Contact the Development Services Department at: 250-336-2291 or email us at

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