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Skatepark and Jump Park Project

This page was last reviewed on February 2, 2023.

July 2017 Update

The Skatepark and Jump Park are now open to the Public!

The Skatepark includes 5500 square feet of concrete terrain, including a bowl, mini-ramp, and street features. The Village partnered with the Cumberland Community Schools Society on the project, and will continue to work with the CCSS on youth programming in the park.

The Jump Park includes four progressive jump trails – rated beginner through to expert, as well as a pump track. The Village partnered with the United Riders of Cumberland on this project.

November 4, 2016 Update

Project plans and designs are now completed and were presented to the community at a Public Open House on November 3rd 2016. Public feedback will be incorporated into the final design and construction drawings in preparation for issuing construction tenders. The goal is to build the park in 2017, funding dependent.

Planning and Design

The overall vision for the park is the construction of:

  • A 5200 sq. ft. skatepark complete with a bowl, mini ramp and street sections;
  • A dirt jump park with four trails catering to beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert dirt jumpers (both BMX riders and mountain bikers);
  • A pump track;
  • Other landscape amenities and features including gathering/spectator areas, pathways, entrance signage, etc.

Click here for park renderings and design documents.

Budgets and Fundraising

Project cost estimate: $520,000

Current funding in place: $447,000

Funding shortfall: $73,000

In the coming weeks and months, the Village will be working with our project partners, the Cumberland Community Schools Society and the United Riders of Cumberland, on raising the final funds necessary in order to move to the construction phase of the project. Funding sources that will be targeted include cash donations, in-kind donations from local businesses, and grants.

Cash donations made to the Cumberland Community Schools Society in support of the project are eligible for a charitable tax receipt. For more information, see the CCSS website.

Timelines and Next Steps

The public engagement process kicked off with a Public Open House on November 3rd 2016 and is followed by a public survey which will be open until November 14th.

Final park design and engineering will then proceed in the second half of November and throughout December 2016.

The goal is to issue construction tenders in early 2017, followed by construction in the late spring of 2017. However, this is dependent on additional funds first being raised.

October 25, 2016 Open House

Village of Cumberland Parks and Recreation staff are hosting a Skatepark and Jump Park Public Open House on Thursday November 3rd at 6:30pm in Council Chambers (beside the Fire Hall). There will be a presentation from staff and the design team at 6:45pm.

Project plans and designs – including skatepark and jump park details – will be presented. Village staff, the design team, and representatives from the Cumberland Community Schools Society Skatepark Committee and United Riders of Cumberland will be on hand to respond to questions.

Anyone with an interest in skateboarding, dirt jumping or Village Park in general is encouraged to attend.

August 26, 2016 Update

Planning and design work is progressing well for the jump park, skatepark and other site amenities at Village Park. Concept plans will be presented to the community for feedback this fall. An open house and public survey are tentatively scheduled for October 2016 – stay tuned to for details. After public feedback is received, designs will be finalized in preparation for construction, which is targeted to proceed in 2017.

Meanwhile, preliminary site preparation work will be taking place in late summer and early fall of 2016. This work includes land clearing and grubbing of the jump park site prepare for importing clean fill that will later be shaped into the dirt jumps. Part of this work will also include separating and stockpiling existing clay capping material along the South Wellington Colliery Trail. This work is proceeding at this time due to the significant costs savings that we are able to achieve as a result of the adjacent Dunsmuir Ave infrastructure project – clean fill generated from that project can be used for Jump Park construction. A special thanks to Edgett for the donation of machine time. Additionally, test pit holes will be dug to assist in the geotechnical engineering of the skatepark.

Please watch for crews working – including heavy equipment such as dump trucks – in the area over the coming weeks, particularly along the South Wellington Colliery Trail.

The current rendition of the Village Park Skatepark and Jump Park Project was approved by Council in early 2016 and will include the construction of an approximately 5000 square foot skatepark, a dirt jump park (with beginner, intermediate and advanced features), a pump track and other park amenities in the area immediately to the south of the dog park. The project is being lead by the Village with support from the Cumberland Community Schools Society (for the skatepark) and the United Riders of Cumberland (for the jump park).

For more information on the project contact Kevin McPhedran, Parks and Outdoor Recreation Coordinator, at or 250-336-3012.

March 10, 2016 Update

The skatepark survey is now closed on the proposed new location for the skatepark in Village Park. A staff report will be presented at the April 11, 2016 council meeting.

Village Park overview showing previous proposed skatepark location adjacent to Dunsmuir Avenue and the new proposed location adjacent to Sixth Street.

Village Park overview showing previous proposed skatepark location adjacent to Dunsmuir Avenue and the new proposed location adjacent to Sixth Street.

February 12, 2016 Update

The Village may be considering alternate locations for the skatepark due to the high cost to remediate soil in the north side of Village Park. View the February 9, 2016 staff report and watch for upcoming feedback opportunities on next steps for the skatepark project.

June 10, 2015 update

Cumberland Council has submitted an application to the Western Economic Diversification Canada: Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Grant Program for $412,500 in funding to complete the Village Park Skateboard, Tennis, and Basketball Facility Project, being the complete build out of all facilities – skateboard park, and basketball and tennis courts – in one phase, and commit to covering any shortfalls in the Village’s 2016 budget to meet matching-funding program requirements, up to $127,500.

The total cost of the complete build of the project in one phase is now estimated at $885,000.

If the grant application is not successful, staff will investigate alternative approaches to the project and will report back to Council on the outcome of these investigations.

June 8, 2015 update

Geotechnical and environmental soils site analysis was completed in late winter & early spring of 2015, confirming unconsolidated fills and soil contamination under the site. This site analysis shows that the upper 2 metres of soil is highly variable and the geotechnically preferred approach to side preparation is to remove these fills. Contaminates found in the site do not meet the criteria to be defined as hazardous waste or a current risk to public health and safety.

Read the June 2, 2015 staff report to Council reviewing construction options and estimated project costs.

Staff are working on completing conceptual designs in order to determine project cost estimates. A report will be brought forward to Council outlining next steps in the project in late spring or summer 2015.

Once the final design is complete, the construction of the skatepark will remain contingent on sufficient funding and other issues.


The Village has initiated a planning, design and engineering process with the goal of developing a skateboard park, a new tennis court and a practice basketball court in Village Park. This project is continuing on with implementation of the March 2012 Village Park Master Plan. The Village has partnered with the Cumberland Community Schools Society on the project.

Project goals include developing:

  • Detailed skateboard park design and plans (6000 – 6500 square feet)
  • Plans for the replacement of one tennis court;
  • Plans for a new basketball practice facility;
  • Detailed construction drawings and engineered plans for each facility
  • Detailed project budget estimates to assist with ongoing project fundraising.

The Village is working with Outlook Land Design and Spectrum Skateparks to complete this work over the course of fall 2014 and winter 2015.


The Village currently has approximately $335,000 allocated to the project that includes:

  • approximately $20,000 from the Recreation Society donation;
  • $150,000 allocated by Council in 2013 landfill host community funds;
  • $150,000 allocated by Council in 2014 from landfill host community funds;
  • $5,000 allocated by Council in 2014 from general amenity funds; and
  • a $10,000 donation from the Cumberland Community Schools Society

This ongoing planning and design process will result in detailed project budget estimates to assist with project fundraising.

The timeline for the construction of the facilities is uncertain as moving forward with construction is dependent upon further funding being in place.

How you can become involved

The Village is requesting that all residents with current or future interests in the park become involved in the planning process.

  1. Attend a Public Open House:
    1. The first Public Open House happened on November 6th, 2014 at 6:00pm at the Cumberland Junior School Library. The event include a presentation on conceptual plans for the park and skatepark design workshop Over 40 people attended.
    2. Open House #2 took place on January 15, 2015 at Cumberland Community School Junior school library and give your feedback on a more detailed park plans.
    3. A survey on the design will be open until January 26th.

For more information please contact:

Tyler Farley, Acting Manager of Parks and Facilities


Kevin McPhedran, Manager of Parks and Recreation

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