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Snow and Ice Control on Sidewalks

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Residents and business owners are asked to help clear sidewalks of snow and ice. Please make sure to use ice melting products labelled ‘concrete friendly’.

The Village relies on residents, property owners, and business owners to clear sidewalks in front of homes and businesses so the Village can focus on vehicle routes in priority order:

  1. Arterial Roads:
  2. Collector Roads and Bus Routes:
  3. Residential Streets

Only after these routes are clear will Village crews look to clearing sidewalks in the historic Village Commercial Core and servicing schools and other institutional facilities, as well as bus stops and crosswalk letdowns.

Please help your neighbours who need a hand keeping their walkways clear if you can.

Businesses are reminded to remove sandwich boards, benches, planters, bike racks, and all other items from the sidewalk before it snows to make it safer for pedestrians and easier for snow and ice control.

Find out more about snow and ice clearing in the Village.

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