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Snow and Ice Control

This page was last reviewed on December 12, 2019.

Priority Routes

When it snows, the Village’s first priority is to remove snow from main transportation routes to provide emergency access in and out of the Village. These main routes include Cumberland Road/Fourth Street and Dunsmuir Avenue/Royston Road.

Only then will public works tackle secondary routes to allow limited movement within the Village. These secondary routes include school and bus routes – portions of Egremont Road, First Street, and Ulverston Road (to the school), Kendal Avenue, Soleport Street, Seventh Street, Bruce Street, Union Road, and Comox Lake Road.

Residential roads and some sidewalks may be cleared next if it stops snowing and the other roads remain clear. View the Village’s Snow and Ice Control Policy and priority routes map.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs to help you understand your responsibilities and how you can help your neighbours navigate in the snow whether by foot, ski, vehicle, or even bike.

Where should I park when it snows?

The best place to park is in your driveway. If you have to park on the roadway, park as far off of the traveled portion of the road as possible without blocking any part of a sidewalk. Truck plows need lots of room to maneuver and this will help the trucks pass safely. It will also help avoid damage to your vehicle.

Will my vehicle be towed if I park on the roadway?

It’s possible your vehicle will be towed if you park in the traveled portion of the roadway or block snow clearing operations, and it will be at your expense. The Village will make a reasonable attempt to contact you before your vehicle is towed. If you think your vehicle has been towed, contact Dunn Right Towing at 250-650-8697, Georgia Straight Towing at 250-338-9899, or Comox Valley Towing at 250-338-4665.

If I have to park on the street, should I park in the same spot every day?

No, please try to park in different spots each day so truck plows can clear more parking areas.

Do I need to shovel the snow in front of my residence?

Yes, please! Property owners and tenants must clear snow and ice from the sidewalk in front of your property. Please help your neighbours who need a hand keeping their walkways clear. If you have a fire hydrant close by, please help by clearing the snow away from the hydrant as well.

How do I keep the truck plows from pushing snow back into my driveway and sidewalk?

Please shovel snow away from the street – either behind the sidewalk or into your yard. Most importantly, don’t pile snow at the entrance of your driveway, especially on the side from which the plow approaches. Unfortunately, snow plowing usually results in a windrow of snow across driveways.

Do I need to shovel the snow in front of my business?

Yes, please! Business owners can also help by removing sandwich boards, benches, planters, bike racks, and all other items from the sidewalk when snow is expected.

Can I use ice-melting products on the sidewalk?

Yes. Please be sure to use ice-melting products labelled “concrete-friendly”.

How can I help reduce the chances of flooding when the snow melts?

Clearing the snow and debris away from catch basins in your neighbourhood and around your home or business always helps.

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