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Snow and Ice Control

This page was last reviewed on November 22, 2021.

Safety Around Snow Removal Equipment

Snow clearing equipment needs a lot of room to maneuver.

Please be patient, stay at least 15m away from working equipment, don’t tailgate, and remind your children to keep their distance from all equipment.

Priority Snow Clearing Routes

  1. Arterial Roads: The Village’s first priority is to clear snow from Cumberland Road/Fourth Street and Dunsmuir/Royston Road arterial routes to provide emergency access in and out of the Village.
  2. Collector Roads and Bus Routes: Crews will then tackle secondary routes to allow limited movement within the Village: portions of Egremont Road, First Street, and Ulverston Road (to the school), Kendal Avenue, Solport Street, Seventh Street, Bruce Street, Union Road, and Comox Lake Road.
  3. Residential Streets and Sidewalks: Once it stops snowing and other roads remain clear, crews will work on clearing residential roads and sidewalks on school routes, by transit shelters, and crosswalk letdowns in the Village core.

View the Village’s Snow and Ice Control Policy and priority routes map.

Parking Your Vehicle

Where should I park when it snows?

Crews can do a better job clearing your road if your vehicle is parked in your driveway.

If I have to park on the road, what do I need to know?

Truck plows need a lot of room to maneuver safely and deposit snow so if you have to park on the road, please park as far off of the traveled portion as possible without blocking any part of a sidewalk. Try to park in different spots each day so truck plows can clear more parking areas.

Will my vehicle be towed if I park on the roadway?

If you park in the traveled portion of the roadway or block snow clearing operations it is possible that your vehicle will be towed, and it will be at your expense. If you think your vehicle has been towed, contact Dunn Right Towing, Georgia Straight Towing and Comox Valley Towing.


Do I need to shovel the snow on the sidewalk?

Yes, please! Because the Village’ priority is clearing vehicle routes when it’s snowing, the Village relies on residents and businesses to clear sidewalks in front of their residence or business – and it’s required by bylaw. Clearing sidewalks is particularly important for residents with limited mobility.

Please help your neighbours who need a hand keeping their walkways clear if you can and please help to clear the snow away from fire hydrants and storm drains.

Businesses are asked to remove sandwich boards, benches, planters, bike racks, and all other items from the sidewalk when snow is forecasted.

Can I use ice-melting products on the sidewalk?

Yes. Please be sure to use ice-melting products labelled “concrete-friendly”.

Snow Plow Berms

It can snow a lot in Cumberland. And quickly.

Plowing your road will unfortunately result in berms or windrows of snow on the boulevard and across your driveway. The more it snows, the bigger the windrows.

How can I stop the snow being plowed back into my driveway?

It may help to shovel snow away from the street – either behind the sidewalk or into your yard. Most importantly, don’t pile snow at the entrance of your driveway, especially on the side from which the plow approaches. You may wish to wait until the snow plow passes before clearing the entrance to your driveway.

What about personal property and landscaping on the road right-of-way?

On residential roads, the Village needs the space on the side of the road for snow storage, especially during heavy snowfall.

To prevent your personal property being damaged by snow clearing operations, please remove sports equipment, fencing, and landscaping from the road right-of-way before it snows.

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