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Toilet Rebate Program

This page was last reviewed on March 4, 2020.

March 4, 2020 Update

The toilet rebate program has been closed for 2020. The Village is focusing on other water reducing initiatives in 2020.

August 14, 2019 Update: This program is now closed as 2019 funding has been disbursed.

If you purchased a new toilet and disposed of your old toilet at the Comox Valley Waste Management centre, please keep your receipts as the program may begin again in January 2020. You may submit copies of your documents to the Village office in the interim.

Rebates are now available of up to $75 to Cumberland property owners replacing an old toilet with a new high-efficiency toilet. This is part of Cumberland’s water smart program to help you save water and money.

New toilets must either be

  • a high efficiency toilet that uses no more than 4.8L per flush, or
  • a dual-flush toilet – usually 3L and 6L per flush

Your old toilet must use 13L or more to flush.

How to Apply

Your old toilet must be taken to the Comox Valley Waste Management Centre at 3699 Bevan Road for proper disposal. Rebate applications are available here and at the Waste Management Centre and must be stamped by the scale attendant when you dispose of your old toilet.

Bring your stamped rebate application to the Village office and the receipt dated October 1, 2018 or later for the new high efficiency toilet indicating the model name and model number.

If a plumber purchases and installs your new high-efficiency toilet, you can attach a copy of plumber’s receipt or invoice indicating the plumber’s name, company info, signature and trades qualification (TQ) number, service address, toilet model information (name and number), and confirmation of disposal at CSWMC


Property owners are eligible to one rebate per installation address, and a maximum of two rebates per property owner – must be two different residential units. Rebates are a maximum of $75 per toilet.

New construction from October 2010 or later is not eligible. Since that time, the BC Building Code has required high efficiency toilets in new residential buildings.

How rebates will be assessed

Applications will be processed for those who qualify on a first come, first served basis while the funding lasts.

The Village will review applications to verify eligibility and if you qualify, you will be mailed a rebate cheque to registered owners only. The submission of an application does not guarantee a rebate. Failure to include the required information may cause delay in processing your application and could lead to the application being denied.

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