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Cumberland's Heritage

Since time immemorial, the ancestors of the people called K’ómoks have been the caretakers of “the land of plenty”. In 1852 prospectors arrived to explore the rich coal deposits which facilitated the growth of a tight-knit coal mining community whose story continues to shape Cumberland as a vibrant, modern community.

While the Village moves into the future our coal mining heritage is an undeniable part of the charm and character of Cumberland. Walking down Dunsmuir Avenue, named for the industrialist who owned Union Colliery Company and founded the Village, past beautiful historic buildings, it’s easy to imagine the hard-scrabble and provincial roots that preceded today’s active and bustling community.

Although the history and continued presence of the K’ómoks people and their ancestors are not as visible today, reconciliation is a priority of the Village, and some steps have been taken to include K’ómoks culture within the downtown area of the Village such as the alley naming project.

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