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Twinning of Water Supply Line Completed

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Work to construct a second water supply line from the Village’s surface water reservoirs is now complete. The twinning of the water supply line provides important operational flexibility to supply water to the Village from the Cumberland Creek sub-watershed and the Perseverence Creek sub-watershed.

This work is part of a long-term Council priority to supply quality water to the Village. The work is included in the Village’s 2016 long term water supply strategy. In March 2017, the Village received a grant from the Canada and British Columbia Clean Water and Wastewater Fund that will fund 83% of eligible costs, which is up to $4,988,300 for improvements to water treatment, storage and distribution infrastructure.

The next phase of work, to build a new water treatment plant and storage reservoir, is now being designed. Construction is expected to begin later in 2018.

Read Cumberland’s Long Term Water Supply Strategy for more information about Cumberland’s water supply services.

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