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Village Projects and Construction

This page was last reviewed on January 11, 2024.

Caution: Potholes

The Village always has a number of both capital and operational projects in the works.

This page provides summary information on key projects currently underway and access to the financial plans and reports which identify both operational and capital projects that are to be completed in the Village over the next five years.

Each year the Village adopts a adopt a five year financial plan which takes into consideration, items such as:

  • capital and operating projects
  • road and utility projects
  • property tax impacts
  • reserve balances

You can learn more about the current financial plan here.

A listing of current Village operating projects can be found in the Proposed Five Year Operating Projects & Transfers to Reserves

Also see Plans, Reports and Studies for information on capital planning studies on improving public infrastructure.

Current Key Projects and Construction

Storm, Sanitary and Water Infrastructure Upgrades and Road Improvements

The Village of Cumberland has partnered with Knappett on this capital works project. There are three phases to the project, with the first beginning the week of January 11, 2024.

  1. Ambleside Avenue is receiving a complete rebuild of the storm, sanitary and water infrastructure which will update the aging pipes. Once this work has been completed the road will be repaved with additional curbs and gutters. There will be some concurrent work happening on Second Ave where the pipes are linked.
    Ambleside Ave and Second Ave will be open to local traffic only while the work is being completed.
  2. In early Spring, once Ambleside Ave has been completed, the crews will move to Maryport Ave, between Egremont and Silecroft Rd. This section will also be receiving a complete rebuild of the storm, sanitary and water infrastructure. The road will be repaved to include curbs and gutters. A wider sidewalk is also being added to increase pedestrian access and safety.
    This portion of Maryport Ave will be open to local traffic only while construction takes place. Please make a detour plan.
  3. First Street, between Dunsmuir Ave and Penrith Ave will be getting a complete road rebuild! This means the road will be repaved (bye bye potholes, or at least some of them😉). This portion of First Street will be closed to traffic while the work is being completed.

The site office and staging for these upgrades is located on a corner of the Cultural Centre parking lot. Thank you to Knappett for consolidating this space to ensure that 80% of the parking lot is still accessible.

All work on this project is estimated to be completed by late Spring. However, we know that there is a large amount of rock located under both Ambleside Ave and Maryport Ave. While this complication has been included in the deadlines estimate, we won’t know how much this will impact the project until we start working.

This work has been funded in part by the Community Work Funds grant and the Linear Assets Replacement Reserve. The Linear Assets Replacement Reserve is continuously funded by frontage tax.

Wastewater Upgrades

The Village of Cumberland is getting started on required upgrades to their wastewater treatment system that will meet provincial standards, as well as fulfill environmental goals to remove man-made toxins, restore degraded ecosystems and release safe water into Maple Lake Creek and the Trent River.

The Wastewater Upgrades Project is a result of years of careful planning and community input to develop a sustainable treatment system in a region with unique challenges which include high winter wet weather flows, extremely dry summer conditions and a sensitive downstream habitat.

This is a truly “made in Cumberland” solution, taking into consideration factors of affordability, sustainability, and social benefits.

Learn more about the Project here

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