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Village Upgrades Project FAQ

This page was last reviewed on November 4, 2016.

CVU-cone-icon-logoExciting improvements are planned for some of Cumberland’s key roadways. Here’s an updated overview for residents and businesses:

What is the Village Upgrades project?

The Village Upgrades project consists of major roadwork and improvements to two main areas in 2016 and 2017.

The first portion involves improving six blocks of Dunsmuir Avenue downtown by replacing aging underground water and sewer pipes.

The second portion will revitalize Cumberland Road from Union to Bevan by providing better road structure and improving the streetscape and traffic movement to the entry to the Village, including the addition of a bike lane.

These two separate projects are part of a long-term Village commitment to improving the infrastructure of Cumberland.

What are the benefits?

Together, these two projects will go a long way towards improving critical services for village residents and visitors, such as improved roads, new water and sewer pipes and better options for active transportation.

Both projects will provide exciting and much needed improvements to the community and both are being funded in part by other levels of government, which means costs to the Village are reduced.

The work happening along Cumberland Road will also help make the entry to the Village a more defined and welcoming zone with better options for different modes of transportation, such as bikes and pedestrians.

What is the cost?

The two pieces of this project make up roughly $5.75 million in road work and service upgrades for the Village—with $4.85 million of that provided by outside funding sources (CVRD’s ‘Host Community’ Agreement and Building Canada’s Small Community Fund). This funding offers an important opportunity to for the village to complete both projects in a cost efficient way.

Why now?

These projects are happening now to make the most of funding that’s available. To meet grant funding schedules and deadlines, the Dunsmuir Avenue work had to get underway as soon as possible. Roadwork in the downtown core isn’t ideal. However in this case it has to be done to ensure grant dollars get used and paving can happen before late fall/winter.

What is the anticipated schedule?

Old water and sewer infrastructure has been replaced with new storm, sanitary and water main lines. Finishing work to pour sidewalks and pave is dependent upon the weather. Resiens will start to see block-by-block sections completed throughout October.

  • Planning finalized for Dunsmuir Ave work finalized
  • Tender for Dunsmuir work put out for bidding
  • Planning for Cumberland Road upgrades continues
  • Project award for Dunsmuir Ave
  • Construction on Dunsmuir Ave (Carlisle Lane to Fifth Street begins
  • Open house for Cumberland Road design
  • Storm, sanitary line and water main installation on Dunsmuir (Fifth to Second Streets begins
  • Final engineering designs for Cumberland Road Upgrades to be completed
  • Dunsmuir Avenue work to be completed
  • Work on Cumberland Road from Union to Bevan roads to commence

What will be the impact on traffic?

There will be road closures on Cumberland Rd and Dunsmuir Ave during construction. The selected contractor will work with Village staff to determine logical detours for traffic, cyclists and pedestrians. The goal is to make sure detours allow for continued access to homes and businesses, though motorists, cyclists and pedestrians can expect some disruption to regular routes. Updates will be shared via the village website, social media, signs and news bulletins.

What will be the impact downtown?

Council and staff acknowledge this work is disruptive and will work to minimize impacts for residents, businesses, event organizers and visitors. Ensuring these groups have information about what to expect is a priority. Cumberland’s small businesses are important to the Village. Extra effort will be made to ensure people know it’s “business as usual” downtown.

Are there opportunities to be involved?

Public input was sought in early 2016 around the community vision for improved access at the Village entrance. Valuable ideas were shared with the design team and are being incorporated into plans. While the service replacement work on Dunsmuir is straightforward and offered less opportunity for public input on design, the project team welcomes comments and questions about both projects via email throughout the project period.

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