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Clear Facts on Wastewater – Village Upgrades Fall 2018

This page was last reviewed on October 11, 2018.

Residents in the Village of Cumberland have important decisions to make on October 20th. Along with deciding who will represent them at council, they will be asked to allow the village to borrow up to $4.4M to upgrade the existing wastewater system to bring it into compliance with provincial regulations.

Want the clear facts on what’s being proposed, and why?

Scroll down and watch for more information to roll out here over the next few weeks.


Cumberland’s wastewater treatment is not meeting provincial standards – we are currently sending liquid waste that is not treated well enough into Maple Lake Creek and onto the Trent River and Baynes Sound. A committee of representatives from the community, technical consultants and agencies have spent nearly two years assessing the issue and coming up with a made-in-Cumberland solution.

Now, we need the funds to build it.

Background Documents


Over the coming weeks, we’ll post fact sheets and videos about key issues related to wastewater treatment and the proposed solution here. Watch for updates.

Clear Facts on…How this will impact or protect the environment

We need to stop releasing wastewater that hasn’t been properly treated into our wetlands and watersheds. In fact, Cumberland is one of the few communities still doing this on Vancouver Island. This plan addresses this fact, which is clearly against the values of the community’s residents. Find out more:

Clear Facts on…What this system will cost me

We are asking to borrow up to $4.4 million to construct the new wastewater system – though we may not need the full amount. At its maximum, this will equal a roughly $449/year increase for residents. Find out more:

Clear Facts on…Community growth and how this system connects to it

A new wastewater system will be a benefit for future growth in the community but is not required because of it. New buildings will pay their share of the upgrades too – bringing the cost down for all. Find out more:

  • Fact Sheet #3: Infrastructure and Growth
  • Questions: Contact the village’s expert on this topic, Rob Crisfield, 250-336-3003


Get in touch: – 250-336-2291

Share your views: #VillageUpgrades


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