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Shift Into Winter

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You may have noticed that Village crews have begun ice control on Village roadways. When conditions are poor, ice control operations follow the same priority routes as snow plowing and depend on available resources:

  1. Main Transportation Routes: Cumberland Road/Fourth Street and Dunsmuir Avenue/Royston Road
  2. Secondary Routes, including school and bus routes, and access to schools and the Cumberland Lodge and Health Care Centre
  3. Other Local Roads
  4. Sidewalks in the commercial core and servicing schools and other institutional facilities.

Please remember to drive to winter conditions.

  • Drop your speed to match road conditions
  • Maintain a safe following distance
  • Watch for black ice
  • Accelerate and break slowly
  • Avoid sudden moves
  • See and be seen

Find out more about snow and ice control in the Village and more about how to stay safe this winter with Shift into Winter.

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