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Community Event Application and Facility Rentals

This page was last reviewed on October 26, 2021.

A community event application is required for:

  • Private events in a park or facility, other than children’s birthday parties (birthday parties can be booked online),
  • A commercial or non-commercial activity or event that attracts participants and/or spectators, including: a festival, competition, race, tournament, show, private event, ceremony, guided use or training within a Village facility, public space, park or trail
  • Street closures for events and neighbourhood block parties
  • A commercial service within a Village facility, public space, park or trail (including guided operations or trainers)
  • Commercial filming using still or motion photography

How to Apply

  1. Submit a Community Event Application to Cumberland Recreation at 2665 Dunsmuir Avenue.
  2. If you require a noise exemption or street closure, you must submit your Community Event Application to Cumberland Recreation at least six weeks before the event. All other applications must be received at least four weeks before the event.
  3. If you need any traffic control equipment or solid waste receptacles, submit an equipment borrowing application to the Village office with a $200 deposit at least two weeks before your event.
  4. Questions? Check the Community Event Application Manual or contact Cumberland Recreation.

Fees, Insurance, and Damage Deposit Requirements

Recreation Fees Bylaw

Facility Capacities

Cumberland Recreation Centre (CRI) at 2665 Dunsmuir Avenue

  • person capacity with tables: 400
  • person capacity without tables: 436

Cultural Centre Moncrief Hall (upper floor) and Buchanan Hall (lower floor) at 2674 Dunsmuir Avenue

  • Floor area: 39 ft x 64 ft
  • person capacity with tables: 175
  • person capacity without tables: 200
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