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Development Permits

This page was last reviewed on November 28, 2023.

Development permit areas are established to guide developers and to assist the Village in addressing particular development issues by providing development guidelines. As well, they are intended to provide the residents of the Village with a degree of certainty that concerns regarding development, expressed during the Plan development process, will be adequately addressed.

Part D of the Official Community Plan Bylaw designates the following development permit areas:

  • Residential Infill
  • Residential Multi-Family
  • Mixed Land Use
  • Commercial
  • Industrial Areas
  • Intensive Residential – Carlisle Lane
  • Interchange Lands
  • Environmental Protection
  • Groundwater Protection
  • Wildland Urban Interface
  • Farmland Protection

View development permit maps in Appendix B of the Official Community Plan Bylaw.

View development permit area guidelines in Part D of the Official Community Plan.

A development permit must be issued before a building permit or subdivision application can be approved.

Development Permit Application, Guide and Forms

Development permit application and guide

Authorization of Agent Form

The Village Council considers development permit applications at a public meeting.

Please call Building and Development staff at 250-336-2291 to discuss your application.

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