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Roads and Sidewalks

This page was last reviewed on December 3, 2020.

The maintenance of public roads and sidewalks is the responsibility of the Village. To report a problem or request service please contact the Village.

Streets in the Village are regulated by the Streets and Traffic Bylaw. Highway 19 is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

Find more information on

View the Village’s Sidewalk Repair Policy.

Speed Reader Board

Cumberland’s speed reader board is posted in locations in Cumberland to encourage drivers to slow down and help reduce the chances of traffic accidents. The reader board will also collect data and traffic counts for community transportation planning.

Pavement Management Plan

In 2013 and 2014 a road and utility rehabilitation plan is being developed for the Village.

Once this plan is complete, the Village will have a database of which roads in the Village need sewer and water line work and road base reconstruction before they can be resurfaced. The plan will also identify roads which do not need major reconstruction and that can be resurfaced sooner than later.

Future Road Network

View the Roads Master Plan and Proposed Primary Road Networks map. For the Appendices and all Drawings of the Roads Master Plan, please contact staff at the Village Office at 250-336-2291.

Please note that the proposed road network plan has not been updated to reflect more recent amendments to the Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw.

Special Event Road Closures

Special community events and associated road closures are common in Cumberland, especially in the summer months.

For event dates see the Events in Cumberland page.

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