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Business Licences

This page was last reviewed on October 17, 2017.

Business Licences

A licence is required for all businesses operating in the Village of Cumberland.

A business licence is valid from January 1 to December 31. For new businesses that are issued a licence after June 30, the fee is reduced by 50%.

A business is defined as a commercial or industrial undertaking of any kind or nature or the providing of professional, personal, or other services for the purpose of gain or profit, but does not include an activity carried on by any government, its agencies, or government-owned corporations.

Mobile businesses have the option of applying for an additional inter-community business licence by using the forms below.

Regular Business Licence Application

Home Based Business Licence Application


Licence fee: $110 per year

Inter-community business licence fee (optional): $150

Upon initial application and/or renewal, the following fees may be imposed:

  • Fire and Safety Inspection: $100
  • Criminal Record Check: $40
  • Building Inspection: $50


Invoices to renew your licences for the following year are mailed to you in November each year. To renew your licence, the fee must be paid by December 15.

Home Based Businesses

A business licence is required to operate a home based business in the Village of Cumberland. Home occupation is a permitted accessory use in all Residential (including Mobile Home Park) and Rural zones.

The following home occupations are permitted:

  • Home crafts including sewing, artificial flower arrangements, and hobby crafts such as woodworking, art, pottery etc.
  • Private music, dancing, art and related lessons providing that the number of pupils on the premises at any one time is four or less
  • Daycare
  • Office use
  • Small appliance repair where appliances serviced have a maximum volume of 0.23 metres3 (8.0 feet3)
  • Personal and professional services, for example, graphic design, human support services, computer programming, etc.
  • Bed and Breakfast


Licence fee: $110 per year

Upon initial application and/or renewal, the following fees may be imposed:

  • Fire and Safety Inspection: $100
  • Criminal Record Check: $40
  • Building Inspection: $50


A home based business may have one non-illuminated name plate not to exceed 0.37 metres2 (3.98 feet2) in an area placed within or flat against the dwelling unit and the name plate may include the name of the home occupation as well as that of the license holder. Find out more information about sign regulations.

Home Based Business Regulations

The following is some of the criteria that your home business must meet:

  • Persons employed in a home occupation are limited to those residing on the property in the dwelling unit in which that home occupation or practice is located and two non-resident employees to a maximum of 4 persons for any home occupation.
  • A home occupation must not create any off-site parking, excessive customer or service traffic nor shall it become or create a nuisance to the surrounding residents or general public by reasons of noise, vibration, smoke, dust, odour, litter, glare, electrical interference or heat, other than normally associated with a dwelling, nor shall it create or cause a fire hazard.
  • A home occupation must not involve the use of mechanical equipment save as is similar to that ordinarily employed in purely private domestic and household use or for recreational hobbies.
  • A premises must not be used for manufacturing, welding or any other light industrial use or as a warehouse or retail outlet.
  • Only one home occupation is permitted on a lot.
  • A premises must give no exterior indication of the home occupation either by stored materials, displays, floodlighting, or otherwise, or by any variation from the residential character of the dwelling unit
  • Materials and commodities shall not be delivered to or from the residence in such bulk or quantity as to require regular or frequent delivery by commercial vehicle or trailer.
  • All uses shall be conducted entirely within a completely enclosed building permitted in this Bylaw, except for daycare use and there shall be no external storage of materials, equipment, containers or finished products.
  • All articles sold through a home occupation must be produced or manufactured on site with an exception allowing for the incidental selling of goods not manufactured on site but directly related to other activity on the site.
  • Articles manufactured off site may be sold through a home occupation provided that all distribution of articles will be carried out off site by persons employed in the home occupation.
  • Any person intending to carry out a home occupation shall obtain approval from the Village of Cumberland prior to commencing the home occupation on the lot.

See sections 3.7 and 3.8 of the Zoning Bylaw for more information.


An outdoor activity space of up to 14.0metres2 (150.7feet2) of per child in care must be provided.

Bed and Breakfast

  • The maximum number of bedrooms which may be used for bed and breakfast accommodation shall be 3 per lot. The bedrooms used must be located in a dwelling unit. Use of an accessory building to provide bed and breakfast accommodation is not permitted.
  • At least one automobile parking space shall be provided on the same lot for each room available for accommodation, in addition to the parking requirements for the residence.
  • Meals may be provided to customers of a bed and breakfast operation only. No cooking facilities beyond what are required by the family of the dwelling shall be permitted unless specifically required by a provincial health agency.
  • Persons employed as part of a bed and breakfast are limited to those residing in the dwelling unit in which the bed and breakfast is located and two non-resident employees.
  • No external indication shall exist that any building is utilized for any purpose other than normally associated with a residential building except for a single sign not exceeding 0.37 metres2 (3.98 feet2) and located on the parcel where the bed and breakfast is operated.

For more information see the Business Licence Bylaw and Zoning Bylaw.

Inter-Community Business Licences

Cumberland is participating in a inter-community business licence program. Find out more about this optional licence for mobile businesses.

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